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Definition noun, plural: thrombi A blood clot that forms in the wall of blood vessels or inside the heart, and remains at... Read More

Propagated thrombus

propagated thrombus --> creeping thrombosis A gradually increasing thrombosis involving one section of a vein after another... Read More

Antemortem thrombus

Antemortem thrombus a clot formed in the circulation during... Read More


Definition noun, plural: thromboses Thrombus (blood clot) that forms in any part of the circulatory system, causing... Read More


Definition noun, plural: thrombopoieses (1) Thrombocytopoiesis, i.e. the process of producing thrombocytes (2)... Read More


Definition noun, plural: coagulations (haematology) The process of clot formation (surgery) The disruption of tissue by... Read More


Coronary (Science: anatomy, cardiology) a term applied to vessels, nerves, ligaments, etc. The term usually denotes the... Read More

Blood clot

Blood clot (Science: haematology) The conversion of blood from a liquid form to solid through the process of coagulation. a... Read More

Tricuspid valve

Definition noun, plural: tricuspid valves The heart valve located on the right side of the heart between the right atrium... Read More


Blood Blood is composed of a liquid, plasma, and blood cells such as erythrocytes (red blood cells,) leukocytes (white... Read More