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noun, plural: thromboses
Thrombus (blood clot) that forms in any part of the circulatory system, causing impediment in blood flow
Since thrombosis may lead to reduced blood flow oxygen and nutrients delivered into the affected tissues may decrease. When the blood vessel is completely occluded due to thrombosis, it may lead to the local death of the tissue.
Depending on the blood vessel affected, thrombosis may be:

  • arterial thrombosis (blood clot forming within the arteries)
  • venous thrombosis (blood clot forming within the veins)

Thrombus or a fragment of a thrombus may detach from the original site of formation and circulate through the blood stream until it lodges within smaller vessels. This is called embolism.
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Related term(s):

  • effort-induced thrombosis
  • platelet thrombosis
  • dilation thrombosis
  • coronary thrombosis
  • deep vein thrombosis

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