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The Plant Kingdom: From Growing In Snow To 2,500 Tons

Article submitted on June 10, 2008. Article published on June 23, 2008. ◊ An article from biologyonline.com. The... Read More


tonsil (Science: anatomy) One of the two glandular organs situated in the throat at the sides of the fauces. The tonsils are... Read More

Biofuels And Biodiversity Don’t Mix, Ecologists Warn

Rising demand for palm oil will decimate biodiversity unless producers and politicians can work together to preserve as... Read More

Study demonstrates remarkable power of social norms

Most people want to be normal. So, when we are given information that underscores our deviancy, the natural impulse is to... Read More

Scientists Find That Of Tons Of Carbon Dioxide Get Stored In The Subtropical Oceans

The cold Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica soaks up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere like a sponge, but scientists... Read More

Atmosphere Threatened By Nitrogen Pollutants Entering Ocean

May 16, 2008 — A large quantity of nitrogen compounds -- emitted into the atmosphere by humans through the burning of... Read More

Plant diseases threaten chocolate production worldwide

June 2006 -- Chocolate lovers, beware. Each year 20 percent of the cacao beans that are used to make chocolate are lost to... Read More

Using sewage sludge as fertilizer

Using organic waste presents a win-win situation for municipalities, agriculture MADISON, WI, JANUARY 31, 2003 – Sewage... Read More

‘Go Fishing’ No Game For Inland Waters Worldwide

Fish pulled from the world's lakes and rivers seem to provide a never-ending source of food, jobs and income for people in... Read More

Biofuels researcher searches for new sources

The words are becoming familiar, even if the products aren't: biofuel, biobased, biodiesel, bioethanol. All refer to fuel... Read More

Fossil Leaves Suggest Asteroid Killed Dinosaurs

By John Roach An artist's conception of the asteroid that Upchurch and his colleagues say caused... Read More

Carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Definition noun, car·bon di·ox·ide, /daɪˈɒksaɪd/ (biochemistry) An inorganic compound, with the... Read More

Plant diseases threaten chocolate production worldwide

Chocolate lovers, beware. Each year 20 percent of the cacao beans that are used to make chocolate are lost to plant... Read More

NASA Spacecraft Sees Changes in Jupiter System

LAUREL, Md. - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft provided a new bird's-eye view of the dynamic Jupiter system as it traveled... Read More

Burying crop residues at sea may help reduce global warming

Burying crop residues at sea may help reduce carbon dioxide levels in an effort to fight global... Read More

Byproduct of steel shows potential in CO2 sequestration

With steelworks around the world emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide, scientists are reporting that a byproduct of... Read More

Clothing to crow about: Chicken feather suits and dresses

January 7, 2008 -- In the future, you may snuggle up in warm, cozy sweats made of chicken feathers or jeans made of... Read More


[User-contributed article for biologyonline.com] Ricin "Ricin is protein toxin found in castor beans which are... Read More

Why are lions not as big as elephants?

Carnivores are some of the widest ranging terrestrial mammals for their size, and this affects their energy intake and... Read More

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend    ... Read More

Ocean becoming more acidic, potentially threatening marine life

A dramatic increase in carbon dioxide levels is making the world’s ocean more acidic, which may adversely affect the... Read More

Global Warming’s Ecosystem Double Whammy

September 21, 2008 — Plants and soils act like sponges for atmospheric carbon dioxide, but new research finds that... Read More

Getting plants to rid themselves of pesticide residues

Scientists in China have discovered that a natural plant hormone, applied to crops, can help plants eliminate residues... Read More


unit 1. A single thing or person. 2. (Science: mathematics) The least whole number; one. Units are the integral parts of any... Read More


Blast 1. (Science: biology, suffix) a suffix or terminal formative, used principally in biological terms, and signifying... Read More


Carbon is one of the chemical elements found in nature. A chemical element refers to the pure substance of one type of atom.... Read More


ton The prevailing fashion or mode; vogue; as, things of ton. If our people of ton are selfish, at any rate they show they... Read More

Green ton

Green ton 2,000 pounds of undried biomass material. Moisture content must be specified if green tons are used as a measure... Read More

Microbiological Assessment of Honey in México

Honey is a viscous sweet substance produced by bees from the secretions of plant nectars. It is a product from some regions... Read More


Burden 1. To encumber with weight (literal or figurative); to lay a heavy load upon; to load. I mean not that other men be... Read More

Study Shows Ingredient Commonly Found In Shampoos May Inhibit Brain Development

An ingredient found in many shampoos and other personal care products appears to interfere with normal brain development in... Read More

Fossil Discovery Has Implications For Patterns Of Evolution

The University of Toronto discovery of fossilized remains of a new species of giant ground sloth is challenging the theory... Read More

BCM, Rice make major advance in structural biology

Noted expert: advance one of the field's most significant in two decades HOUSTON, April 30, 2007 – Scientists from Baylor... Read More

Deep Sea Buffet For Bone-devouring Worms

Deep Sea Buffet For Bone-devouring Worms      Laboratory photo of one of the newly... Read More

Baby Triceratops Skull Suggests Reasons for Horns

An adult Triceratops skull, six feet long, dwarfs the foot-long skull of a year-old Triceratops... Read More

The Biggest Carnivore: Dinosaur History Rewritten

By Robin Lloyd The Age of Dinosaurs ended millions of years ago but paleontologists are still attempting to get a handle... Read More

Dino-Size Spurt: T. Rex Teens Gained 5 Pounds a Day

Dino-Size Spurt: T. Rex Teens Gained 5 Pounds a Day By Brian Handwerk  Teenagers are known for rapid growth spurts, but... Read More

Unexpected Finding: Some Dinosaurs Grew Slower In Hard Times

Palaeontologists from the University of Bonn report on an intriguing diagnosis in the 16 December issue of the journal... Read More

"Mummified" Dinosaur Discovered In Montana

By Hillary Mayell An onsite restoration drawing of how "Leonardo" may... Read More

Acid-loving microbe may be a key to mine pollution

MADISON -- A newfound microbe that eats iron and lives in acid-drenched conditions has been identified as a chief suspect... Read More