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Definition adjective (genetics) Of, or pertaining to, a chromosome that is not paired or associated or joined with its... Read More

Univalent Chromosome

A chromosome that fails to pair with another during the prophase stage of meiosis, and therefore does not exchange genetic... Read More


monovalent (Science: chemistry) Having a valence of one; univalent. See Univalent. Origin: Mono- - L. Valens, p. Pr. See... Read More


Definition noun, plural: antibodies Any of the numerous Y-shaped gamma globulin proteins found in the blood or lymph, and... Read More


Definition adjective (chemistry) Of, or pertaining to, having valence (used of combination). Supplement Word origin: L... Read More


Fab (Science: immunology) fragment of immunoglobulin prepared by papain treatment. Fab fragments (45 kD) consist of one... Read More

Incomplete antibody

Incomplete antibody --> univalent antibody An incomplete form of antibody that may coat antigen, but which according to... Read More


Definition noun, plural: bivalents (genetics) A pair of homologous chromosomes in synapsis during... Read More