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Uvula vesicae

uvula vesicae --> uvula of bladder A slight projection into the cavity of the bladder, usually more prominent in old men,... Read More


uvula (Science: otolaryngology) The central tag-like structure hanging down from the edge of the soft... Read More


Definition noun, plural: bladders (1) (anatomy) A distensible membranous sac or organ that can hold liquid or gas (2)... Read More


Archeocerebellum --> vestibulocerebellum Those regions of the cerebellar cortex whose predominant afferent fibres arise... Read More

Crista urethralis masculinae

Crista urethralis masculinae --> urethral crest of male a longitudinal fold on the posterior wall of the urethra... Read More


uvuloptosis relaxation or elongation of the uvula. Synonym: falling palate, staphylodialysis, staphyloptosis,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: oropharynges, oropharynxes (anatomy) The oral part of the pharynx, located behind the oral... Read More