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Waste management

Waste management refers to the various schemes to manage and dispose of wastes. It can be by discarding, destroying,... Read More

Testing Restaurant Compost For Greenhouses

ITHACA, N.Y. -- A recycling plan devised by Cornell University students, with assistance from community members and... Read More

Improving Swine Waste Fertilizer

MADISON, WI, JULY 6, 2008 -- Swine production generates large amounts of waste. While this waste contains nutrients that... Read More

Technical basis for quantifying phosphorus transport to surface and groundwaters

Technical basis for quantifying phosphorus transport to surface and groundwaters1 J. L. Havlin 2 Department of Soil Science,... Read More

A Model to Measure Soil Health in the Era of Bioenergy

MADISON, WI, NOVEMBER 17, 2008 -- One of the biggest threats to today’s farmlands is the loss of soil organic carbon... Read More

Microbes In Basalt Thrive On A Mixed Diet Of Toxic Wastes

BERKELEY, CA Seventy-five meters beneath the surface of a site in Idaho where high-level radioactive waste has been stored... Read More

Industrial Microbiology

Definition noun Related to environmental, social and economic importance that are engaged in the utilization of... Read More


Economy 1. The management of domestic affairs; the regulation and government of household matters; especially as they... Read More

Microbial Janitors Tackle Nuclear Clean-Up Problems

  Microbial janitors are helping their human counterparts with nuclear clean-up. Researchers plan to coax naturally... Read More

Cow power could generate electricity for millions

Converting livestock manure into a domestic renewable fuel source could generate enough electricity to meet up to three per... Read More

GROWing the next generation of water recycling plants

A vegetated rooftop recycling system has been developed that allows water to be used twice before it is flushed into the... Read More

Misbehaving Molecules In ALS; 3-dimensional Pictures Of ALS Mutant Proteins Support Two Major Theories About How The Disease Is Caused

A new study reveals for the first time how gene mutations lead to the inherited form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis... Read More

Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis (3rd Edition)

Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis (3rd Edition)     ... Read More

Goats Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing for Pastures

MADISON, WI, JUNE 16, 2008 -- Dale Ritchey, a retired soil scientist, and Doug Boyer, a hydrologist at the Agricultural... Read More

Milk goes ‘green’: Today’s dairy farms use less land, feed and water

ITHACA, N.Y. — Dairy genetics, nutrition, herd management and improved animal welfare over the past 60 years have... Read More

Applied Spatial Statistics for Public Health Data

Applied Spatial Statistics for Public Health Data       ... Read More

Glass fibre predicts uptake in earthworms

Dutch researchers have discovered that glass fibres absorb the same types and quantities of toxic substances from damp... Read More

Building with Nature (Ecological Principles in Building Design)

Building with Nature (Ecological Principles in Building Design) Akubue Jideofor Anselm School of Architecture and Urban... Read More

Do smelly fish make better friends?

How do you win friends and influence people? Pay for dinner at a restaurant? Adopt a considerate approach to colleagues? Try... Read More

Pesticides Persist in Ground Water

MADISON, WI, JUNE 23, 2008– Numerous studies over the past four decades have established that pesticides, which are... Read More