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1. Having no clothes on; uncovered; nude; bare; as, a naked body; a naked limb; a naked sword.
2. Having no means of defense or protection; open; unarmed; defenseless. Thy power is full naked. (Chaucer) Behold my bosom naked to your swords. (Addison)
3. Unprovided with needful or desirable accessories, means of sustenance, etc.; destitute; unaided; bare. Patriots who had exposed themselves for the public, and whom they say now left naked. (milton)
4. Without addition, exaggeration, or excuses; not concealed or disguised; open to view; manifest; plain. The truth appears so naked on my side, That any purblind eye may find it out. (Shak) All things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we to do. (Heb. Iv. 13)
5. Mere; simple; plain. The very naked name of love. (Shak)
6. (Science: botany) Without pubescence; as, a naked leaf or stem; bare, or not covered by the customary parts, as a flower without a perianth, a stem without leaves, seeds without a pericarp, buds without bud scales.
7. Not having the full complement of tones; said of a chord of only two tones, which requires a third tone to be sounded with them to make the combination pleasing to the ear; as, a naked fourth or fifth. Naked bed, a bed the occupant of which is naked, no night linen being worn in ancient times. Naked eye, the eye alone, unaided by glasses, or by telescope, microscope, or the like. Naked-eyed medusa.
(Science: medicine) A nudibranch.
(Science: botany) Naked wood, a large rhamnaceous tree (Colibrina reclinata) of southern Florida and the west Indies, having a hard and heavy heartwood, which takes a fine polish.
Synonym: Nude, bare, denuded, uncovered, unclothed, exposed, unarmed, plain, defenseless.
Origin: AS. Nacod; akin to D. Naakt, G. Nackt, OHG. Nacchot, nahhot, Icel. Nokvir, nakinn, Sw. Naken, Dan. Nogen, Goth. Naqas, Lith. Ngas, Russ. Nagii, L. Nudus, Skr. Nagna. Cf. Nude.

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