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Tissue repair

The process of restoring the structural and physiological integrity after an injury
Tissue repair is a natural process in which the primary goal is to restore the structure and function of the tissue following an injury. It is comprised of overlapping phases such as inflammation, migratory phase, proliferative phase, and maturation (remodeling) phase, similar to those in wound healing. These phases vary, however, depending on the type of injury that a particular tissue is involved. Wound healing may be viewed as a form of tissue repair. However, distinction may be made between tissue repair and wound healing. For instance, wound healing is associated with the healing process of injured superficial tissues whereas tissue repair is associated with the processes of restoring deeper tissues (e.g. connective tissues, parenchymal tissues, etc.) following an injury. When a tissue is subjected to injury (e.g. cuts, burns, toxic insults, etc.) the initial reaction is an inflammatory response. This is to promote the elimination of injured tissues (e.g. damaged cellular debris), microbes, and/or other agents that caused the injury (e.g. toxin). This is then followed by the regeneration of cells to replace lost tissues or by the formation of a scar.
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