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Of, pertaining to, or relating to an organism that has genes from another organism put into its genome its genome through recombinant DNA techniques
Transgenic is a term that describes an organism containing genes from another organism put into its genome through recombinant DNA techniques. An example of its usage is the term transgenic organism. A transgenic organism is one that contains a gene or genes which have been artificially inserted instead of the organism acquiring them through reproduction. A transgenic animal, for instance, would be an animal that underwent genetic engineering. It often contains material from at least one unrelated organism, e.g. from a virus, a plant, or from another animal. The process of introducing an exogenous gene is called transgenesis. One of its essential applications is for experimental research processes. Animal models are being created to introduce a particular disease for experimental studies. These models are referred to as transgenic disease models. Experimental mouse model, particularly referred to as transgenic mouse, is a mouse with a piece of foreign lincor DNA integrated into its genome through recombinant DNA techniques.
Word origin: Greek gennan (to produce)
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