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noun, plural: troponins
A regulatory protein that is a complex of three polypeptides (i.e. troponin c, troponin i, and troponin t). It has an affinity for calcium ions and is associated with tropomyosin. Together with tropomyosin, it regulates actin-myosin interactions in skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction.
Troponin is made up of three regulatory proteins:

  • Troponin c ā€“ binds with calcium ions
  • Troponin iā€“ binds with actin in thin filament
  • Troponin t ā€“ binds with tropomysin

Word origin: From tropomyosin. Coined by the Japanese researchers Setsuro Ebashi and Ayako Kodama in 1966.
See also: tropomyosin

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