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(Science: botany) A cereal grass (triticum vulgare) and its grain, which furnishes a white flour for bread, and, next to rice, is the grain most largely used by the human race.
Of this grain the varieties are numerous, as red wheat, white wheat, bald wheat, bearded wheat, winter wheat, summer wheat, and the like. Wheat is not known to exist as a wild native plant, and all statements as to its origin are either incorrect or at best only guesses. Buck wheat.
(Science: botany) The grain weevil. The rice weevil when found in wheat.
Origin: OE. Whete, AS. Hwte; akin to OS. Hwti, D. Weit, G. Weizen, OHG. Weizzi, Icel. Hveiti, Sw. Hvete, Dan. Hvede, Goth. Hwaiteis, and E. While. See White.

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