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Xylem fiber

noun, plural: xylem fibers
Any of the fibers made up of dead sclerenchyma cells in between the xylem vessels and tracheids of the xylem tissue, and chiefly provide mechanical support
The xylem is the vascular tissue responsible for the upward conduction of water and nutrients from the roots. The xylem tissue moves water and nutrients to various parts of the plant such as shoots and leaves. Its major components include xylem parenchyma, xylem fibers, tracheids, and xylem vessels.
The xylem fibers are non-living sclerenchyma cells as they lose their protoplast at maturity. These cells are found in between the tracheids and xylem vessels of the xylem tissue. Sclerenchyma cells are narrow and elongated cells with tapering ends. They are former parenchyma cells that developed secondary cell walls. Their cell walls become lignified. Their elasticity and great tensile strength make them an essential component in the xylem as they protect and provide mechanical support to the major water conducting tissues of the xylem.
There are two major types of xylem fibers: (1) fiber tracheids and (2) libriform fibers. Fiber tracheids are rather involved in providing mechanical support than in conduction.

  • xylem fibre


  • xylary fiber

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