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Adsorption 1. (Science: chemistry) The accumulation or concentration of molecules of a gas or liquid on a surface in contact... Read More


Definition noun A process wherein a substance is released from another, either from or through the... Read More


Assimilation Definition Assimilation in biology is referred to as the process in which the living organisms integrate the... Read More

Passive agglutination

Definition noun An agglutination reaction of inert particles coated with soluble antigen through an antiserum specific for... Read More


Definition noun, plural: absorptions The process of absorbing or assimilating substances into cells or across the tissues... Read More

Michaelis-menten equation

Michaelis-menten equation (Science: chemistry) equation derived from a simple kinetic model for a single-substrate... Read More


Definition noun The process or technique of separating molecules or components in a mixture according to the differential... Read More


Definition noun, plural: ilea The terminal (or distal) portion of the small intestine, characterized by narrower diameter,... Read More


The fear of mixing or reacting with water under a given set of reaction parameters is often referred to as hydrophobic. In... Read More

Reverse passive agglutination

Definition noun A type of agglutination reaction in which known antibody is bound to a carrier particle instead of the... Read More