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Alimentary canal

Definition of Alimentary canal What is the alimentary canal? The alimentary canal is a muscular hollow continuous tubular... Read More


Definition noun (1) The middle portion of the alimentary canal of certain vertebrate animals in which it is continuous with... Read More


Definition noun (1) The anterior part of the alimentary canal that begins at the mouth to the end of the stomach or gizzard... Read More

Malpighian tubule

Definition noun, plural: Malpighian tubules A tubule extending from the interior (alimentary canal) to the exterior of many... Read More

Alimentary glycosuria

Definition noun A form of glycosuria caused by the incapacity of the liver and other tissues to metabolize glucose faster... Read More


Definition noun (1) Nourishment; nutriment; the part of the food digested and absorbed into the blood, thereby nourishing... Read More


Definition noun, plural: guts (1) The portions of the alimentary canal, particularly the stomach and the intestines... Read More

Homo sapiens sapiens

Homo sapiens What are homo sapiens? Homo sapiens is the species of all the highly developed primates on earth, a category... Read More


Definition noun The epithelial lining from the dentate line to the intersphincteric groove Supplement The anoderm refers... Read More

Intracellular digestion

Intracellular Digestion Definition What is intracellular digestion? ‘Intra’ means "inside" and ‘cellular’ pertains... Read More

Vestibulum oris

Definition noun Latin term for oral vestibule, which is the outermost portion forming an entrance into the alimentary... Read More


Definition noun, plural: laryngopharynges, laryngopharynxes The caudal part of the pharynx, connects to the... Read More


Stomach (Science: anatomy, gastroenterology) The most dilated portion of the digestive tube, situated between the oesophagus... Read More

Postanal gut

Definition noun A postrectal extension of the embryonic hindgut to the cloacal membrane where the anal opening... Read More

Oral vestibule

Definition noun The outermost portion forming an entrance into the alimentary canal, bounded by lips and cheeks, and serves... Read More


Definition noun, plural: mouths (1) The oral cavity located at the upper end of the alimentary canal that opens to the... Read More


stomodaeum 1. (Science: anatomy) A part of the alimentary canal. See mesenteron. 2. (Science: zoology) The primitive mouth... Read More


Definition noun, plural: oropharynges, oropharynxes (anatomy) The oral part of the pharynx, located behind the oral... Read More


Duct (Science: anatomy) a passage with well defined walls, especially a tube for the passage of excretions or... Read More

Buccal cavity

Definition noun (1) The oral cavity located at the upper end of the alimentary canal that opens to the outside at the lips... Read More


output 1. The amount of coal or ore put out from one or more mines, or the quantity of material produced by, or turned out... Read More


Definition noun, plural: zooids (1) A cell capable of spontaneous movement and can live independently or apart from the... Read More


Bowel a general term that includes the small and large intestine. The part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and... Read More


Aves Definition What are birds classified as? Birds constitute the class Aves of the kingdom Animalia. How to define Aves?... Read More