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Definition noun, plural: chyles A body fluid in the small intestine, containing mainly of emulsified fats and aids in the... Read More

Chyle cistern

Chyle cistern --> cisterna chyli a dilated sac at the lower end of the thoracic duct into which the intestinal trunk and... Read More


Definition noun The clear, slightly alkaline, bodily fluid bathing body tissues containing mostly of white blood cells, and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: cisterns (general) A reservoir or tank for storing water, especially a tank for holding rainwater... Read More


Fluid Having particles which easily move and change their relative position without a separation of the mass, and which... Read More


Humor 1. Moisture, especially, the moisture or fluid of animal bodies, as the chyle, lymph, etc.; as, the humors of the eye,... Read More

Digestive system

Definition noun A system of organs in which the major function is to convert food into simpler, absorbable nutriments to... Read More

Receptaculum chyli

receptaculum chyli --> cisterna chyli A dilated sac at the lower end of the thoracic duct into which the intestinal trunk... Read More


Elaboration 1. The act or process of producing or refining with labour; improvement by successive operations; refinement. 2.... Read More


Definition noun, plural: peritonites (pathology) The inflammation of the peritoneum Supplement Peritonitis pertains to the... Read More

Body fluid

Body Fluids Definition What is body fluid? Literally, body fluid is the fluid of the body. The adult human body is ~50-60%... Read More