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Body fluid

noun, plural: body fluids
Any fluid found in a living organism
A body fluid refers to any fluid produced by a living organism. In humans, the body fluid can be classified into two major types according to location: (1) intracellular fluid and (2) extracellular fluid.
The extracellular fluid is the body fluid located outside the cell(s). It makes up about 26% of the total body water composition in humans. Intravascular fluid (blood plasma), interstitial fluid, lymph and transcellular fluid make up the extracellular fluid. The interstitial fluid, i.e. the fluid filling up the spaces between cells, is the major constituent whereas the transcellular fluid, i.e. the fluid filling up the spaces of chambers formed from the linings of the epithelial cells, is the least. The intracellular fluid is the body fluid located within the cell(s). In humans, intracellular fluid makes up 67% of the total body water composition. It is composed of water, dissolved ions, and other molecules.
Examples of body fluids are as follows:


  • body fluid
  • biofluid

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