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Cranial nerve

Definition noun, plural: cranial nerves Any of the paired nerves emerging from the brain (including the brainstem but not... Read More


Ganglia Definition What are ganglia? To simply define ganglia in biology, it is the structure of an oval shape that... Read More

Terminal nerve

Definition noun, plural: vagus nerves A small cranial nerve that courses anteriorly along the olfactory... Read More


Cranial (Science: anatomy) Pertaining to the cranium or to the anterior (in animals) or superior (in humans) end of the... Read More

Cranial cavity

Cranial cavity (Science: anatomy) The... Read More

Cranial capacity

Cranial capacity The cubic content of the skull obtained by determining the cubage of small shot, seeds, or beads required... Read More

Olfactory nerve

Definition noun, plural: olfactory nerves The cranial nerve comprised of sensory nerve fibers that carry impulses for the... Read More

Nervous System

    THE is the most complicated and highly organized of the various systems which make up the human body. It is the... Read More

Foramen magnum

Definition noun A large opening in the anterior inferior portion of occipital bone in the cranium that serves an outlet of... Read More

Peripheral nervous system

Definition noun The part of the nervous system that relays between the central nervous system and the rest of the body, and... Read More

Somatic nervous system

Definition noun The part of the peripheral nervous system that consists of afferent nerves responsible in relaying motor and... Read More

Motor neuron

Definition noun, plural: motor neurons A type of neuron connected to a muscle fiber and originates from the central nervous... Read More

Ala orbitalis

Ala orbitalis --> lesser wing of sphenoid bone One of a bilateral pair of triangular, pointed plates extending laterally... Read More

Ala minor

Ala minor ossis sphenoidalis --> lesser wing of sphenoid bone One of a bilateral pair of triangular, pointed plates... Read More


Definition (anatomy) (1) Situated before or in front; prior to. (2) Near or toward the head or forward end of a quadruped... Read More

Dorsal body cavity

Definition noun The body cavity situated near the back of the human body, and includes the cranial cavity and vertebral... Read More

Statoacoustic nerve

statoacoustic nerve --> vestibulocochlear nerve (Science: anatomy, nerve) The vestibulocochlear nerve is responsible for... Read More


The portion of the vertebrate nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord.CNS --> central nervous... Read More


Definition noun The embryological failure of the neural tube to fuse or close completely thereby resulting in the vertebrae... Read More

Hyaline cartilage

Hyaline Cartilage Definition Firstly, let us ask, what is cartilage? Cartilage is a tough and flexible material. It can be... Read More

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (7th Ed) by F.H. Martini

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (7th Edition)      ... Read More

Internal acoustic meatus

Definition noun A short, narrow passageway through the temporal bone of the skull where the vestibular nerve and cochlear... Read More

Modern human being

Definition noun A bipedal primate of the subspecies group Homo sapiens sapiens. Supplement Modern human beings are the only... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hominins (1) Any of the tribe Hominini of the family Hominidae of the order Primates. (2) Any of... Read More

Cerebral cranium

Definition noun Part of the cranium encasing the brain Supplement Synonym(s):neurocraniumcranium cerebralebraincase See... Read More


Definition noun A taxonomic subfamily belonging to the family Felidae, and includes the genera Panthera and... Read More


Definition noun A scientific study of the evolution of the brain by combining the techniques used in paleontology and... Read More

Jaw jerk reflex

Definition noun A stretch reflex that manifests as the contraction of the masseter and the temporalis muscles in response to... Read More


Definition noun It designed to both sphenoid and ethmoid regions of the cranium that surrounds the anterior portions of the... Read More

Petrotympanic fissure

Definition noun A narrow transverse slit dividing the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone into tympanic and petrous... Read More

Internal auditory canal

Definition noun A short, narrow passageway through the temporal bone of the skull where the vestibular nerve and cochlear... Read More

Sigmoid sulcus

sigmoid sulcus --> groove for sigmoid sinus A broad groove in the posterior cranial fossa, first situated on the lateral... Read More

Directed case study method for teaching human anatomy and physiology



nervous 1. Possessing nerve; sinewy; strong; vigorous. Nervous arms. 2. Possessing or manifesting vigor of mind;... Read More


optical 1. Of or pertaining to vision or sight. The moon, whose orb through optic glass the tuscan artist views. (milton) 2.... Read More

Central nervous system

Definition noun The part of the nervous system comprised of the brain, the brainstem, and the spinal cord Supplement In... Read More


olfactory (Science: physiology) Of, pertaining to, or connected with, the sense of smell; as, the olfactory nerves; the... Read More


pathetic 1. Expressing or showing anger; passionate. 2. Affecting or moving the tender emotions, especially. Pity or grief;... Read More

Nervous system

Definition noun The organ system responsible mainly for coordination of bodily reactions, organ monitoring, and information... Read More

Eminence of concha

Eminence of concha The prominence on the cranial surface of the auricle corresponding to the concha. Synonym: eminentia... Read More