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Dihybrid cross

Definition noun A genetic cross between individuals with different alleles for two gene loci of interest Supplement Dihybrid... Read More

Punnett Square

Punnett Square Definition A tool that helps to show all possible allelic combinations of gametes in a cross of parents with... Read More


Phenotype refers to the observable characteristics of an organism as a multifactorial consequence of genetic traits and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: dihybrids (1) The offspring of a dihybrid cross, i.e. a genetic cross involving two gene loci,... Read More

Monohybrid cross

Definition noun A genetic cross between homozygous individuals but with different alleles for a single gene locus of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: monohybrids (1) Monohybrid cross, i.e. the cross between parents with different alleles for a... Read More

Polygenic inheritance

Polygenic inheritance refers to the kind of inheritance in which the trait is produced from the cumulative effects of many... Read More