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Fibronectin (Science: protein) glycoprotein of high molecular weight (2 chains each of 250 kd linked by disulphide bonds)... Read More


Invasins proteins produced by bacterial cells that promote bacterial penetration into mammalian cells. The invasin produced... Read More

Extracellular matrix

Definition noun, plural: extracellular matrices The non-cellular portion of a tissue produced and secreted by cells and... Read More

A granules

A granules large, rodlike, or filamentous granules found in several types of cells, especially platelets where they are the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: integrins A large group of cell adhesion molecule comprised of two subunits (- and -subunits)... Read More

Myoepithelial cell

Definition noun, plural: myoepithelial cells (1) (histology) A slender, spindle-shaped contractile cell forming the thin... Read More


Definition noun, plural: chondrocytes A cell occupying a lacuna in the extracellular matrix of the cartilage Supplement The... Read More