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Hart (Science: zoology) a stag; the male of the red deer. See buck. Goodliest of all the forest, hart and hind.... Read More


Definition noun, plural: tongues (anatomy) The flexible muscular organ situated in the floor of the oral cavity; it is... Read More


Buck 1. The male of deer, especially fallow deer and antelopes, or of goats, sheep, hares, and rabbits. a male fallow deer... Read More


Horn 1. A hard, projecting, and usually pointed organ, growing upon the heads of certain animals, especially. Of the... Read More


spade 1. An implement for digging or cutting the ground, consisting usually of an oblong and nearly rectangular blade of... Read More


pant 1. To breathe quickly or in a labored manner, as after exertion or from eagerness or excitement; to respire with... Read More