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Homologue: A chromosome that is similar in physical attributes and genetic information to another chromosome with which it... Read More

Recombination DNA repair

Recombination DNA Repair Definition Recombination DNA repair is a biological reparative process in response to DNA damage... Read More


Definition noun, plural: baculums or bacula A bone located in the glans penis or glans clitoridis of certain mammals,... Read More

Homologous chromosome

A homologous chromosome pertains to one of a pair of chromosomes with the same gene sequence, loci, chromosomal length, and... Read More


Homolog Homologue a member of a homologous pair or series. Origin: homo-- g. Logos, word, ratio,... Read More

Meiosis I

Definition The first of the two consecutive divisions of the nucleus of eukaryotic cell during meiosis, and composed of the... Read More