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Definition noun, plural: incisurae A notch; an indent; a small hollow Supplement Incisura is a Latin word for incisure... Read More

Incisura ischiadica minor

Incisura ischiadica minor --> lesser sciatic notch The notch in the posterior border of the ischium below the ischial... Read More

Incisura vertebralis

Incisura vertebralis --> vertebral notch One of the two concavities above (superior) and below (inferior) the pedicle of... Read More

Incisura acetabuli

Incisura acetabuli --> acetabular notch a gap in the inferior the margin of the acetabulum. Synonym: incisura acetabuli,... Read More

Digastric notch

Digastric notch --> mastoid groove The groove medial to the mastoid process of the temporal bone from which the digastric... Read More

Cardiac notch of left lung

Cardiac notch of left lung The notch in the anterior border of the superior lobe of the left lung which accommodates the... Read More

Dicrotic notch

Definition noun 1. The brief rise or upstroke in a pulse tracing that occurs before the dicrotic wave, and represents a... Read More