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Microbiology: An Introduction (9th Ed) by G.J. Tortora and others

Microbiology: An Introduction (9th Edition)      ... Read More

Microbiology: An Introduction (8th Ed) by G.J. Tortora et al.

 Microbiology: An Introduction, Eighth Edition      ... Read More


Definition noun The branch of science that deals with microorganisms and their effects on other living... Read More

Industrial Microbiology

Definition noun Related to environmental, social and economic importance that are engaged in the utilization of... Read More

Facultative anaerobe

Facultative Anaerobe Definition What does facultative anaerobe mean? Facultative organisms are the most adaptable... Read More

Escherichia coli

Definition A Gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped species belonging to the family... Read More


Degenerate means to become worse or less of its kind or former state. In biology, it means an entity performs the same... Read More


Unicellular organisms are organisms consisting of one cell only that performs all vital functions including metabolism,... Read More

On-line shopping – for viruses, fungi, bacteria and much more

Soon, it will not just be catalogues of consumer goodies such as wines, books and cars that you can browse on the world... Read More