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Leader sequences

Leader sequences sequences at the end of either nucleic acids (dna and RNA) or proteins that must be processed off to allow... Read More


Leader a sequence near the 5' end of an RNAstrand or the amino terminus of a protein that functions intargeting or... Read More

Malaria, potato famine pathogen share surprising trait

COLUMBUS , Ohio — Two wildly different pathogens — one that infects vegetables, the other infecting... Read More

Unprecedented Data On Circadian Rhythms Revealed

Fluctuations in light intensity allow restoring the regularity of circadian rhythms. This is the main conclusion of the... Read More

Leader sequence

Definition noun (1) 5' UTR (five prime untranslated region); the section of mRNA and DNA beginning at the +1 position up to... Read More

Lower Temperature Increases Virus Production

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- MIT scientists have cooled a sodium gas to the lowest temperature ever recorded -- only half-a-billionth... Read More

Exposure to sunlight could reduce asthma

Perth medical research team sheds new light on chronic health conditionAustralian researchers have found that exposure to... Read More

Great Plains Farmers Are Diversifying

     Sunflowers and proso millet plots in the alternative crop rotation plots. In this... Read More

Researchers Link Newly Discovered Gene To Hereditary Neurological Disease

DURHAM, N.C. – Scientists have linked a recently discovered gene to a rare nervous system disease called hereditary... Read More

Newly found species fills evolutionary gap between fish and land animals

Paleontologists have discovered fossils of a species that provides the missing evolutionary link between fish and the first... Read More

MIT team achieves coldest temperature ever

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- MIT scientists have cooled a sodium gas to the lowest temperature ever recorded -- only half-a-billionth... Read More

Exposure to sunlight could reduce asthma

October 26, 2006 -- Perth medical research team sheds new light on chronic health condition Australian researchers have... Read More

From molecules to the Milky Way: dealing with the data deluge

Most people have a few gigabytes of files on their PC. In the next decade, astronomers expect to be processing 10 million... Read More

Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics by S. Grimnes & O.G. Martinsen

 Bioimpedance and Bioelectricity Basics (Biomedical Engineering S.)   ... Read More

Female Concave-eared Frogs Draw Mates With Ultrasonic Calls

Most female frogs don't call; most lack or have only rudimentary vocal cords. A typical female selects a mate from a chorus... Read More

First electrophysical recording of sleep in a wild animal

In the first experiment to record the electrophysiology of sleep in a wild animal, three-toed sloths carrying miniature... Read More

Have You Ever Seen An Elephant … Run?

If an elephant is thundering towards you at 15mph you are probably not too concerned with the finer points of biomechanics... Read More

Colony Collapse Disorder: Researchers Work To Control Varroa Mites, Increase Longevity Of Queen Bees

In response to a fast-spreading syndrome called colony collapse disorder (CCD) that's striking honey bees... Read More

Virginia Tech’s System X supercomputer provides super tool for simulation of cell division

Blacksburg, Va. — Virginia Tech researchers in computer science and biology have used the university's supercomputer,... Read More

Microcapsules act as “roach motel” to kill harmful bacteria

November 19, 2008 -- Researchers in New Mexico and Florida are reporting development of microscopic particles that act as... Read More

Key advance toward treatment for most common adult form of muscular dystrophy

November 19, 2008 -- Scientists in New York are reporting a critical first step toward development of a long-sought drug... Read More

With Daily Alcohol Use, Male Fruit Flies Court Other Males

A team of researchers at Penn Sate has used an animal model to reveal, for the first time, a physiological basis for the... Read More

Gene “silencing” may improve success of islet cell transplants for diabetes

November 19, 2008 -- Scientists in Tennessee are reporting that a gene therapy technique called “gene silencing” shows... Read More

Cancer Treatment: Light Powered Platinum 80 Times More Powerful Than Similar Cancer Treatments

Researchers from the Universities of Warwick, Edinburgh, Dundee and the Czech Republic’s Institute of Biophysics have... Read More

MSU to create genomic clearinghouse for biofuel crops

Michigan State University scientists, armed with a half-million-dollar federal grant, are creating an easily accessible,... Read More

Toward healthier bread and other whole grain foods

November 19, 2008 -- Bread, pasta, and other foods made from whole grains — known to help protect against heart disease,... Read More

Research could lead to new treatments for blindness

Scientists have discovered how to make cells sensitive to light in what may lead to a new approach to treating certain forms... Read More

Giardia Genome Unlocked

Giardia lamblia, one of the most common human parasites in the United States, causes more than 20,000 intestinal infections... Read More

Evolution in the Nanoworld

The automatic molecular assembly and selection steps exhibited by the molecules, which start as random mixtures,... Read More

UC Riverside researchers release new variety of asparagus

DePaoli asparagus offers a higher yield of spears than other varieties of the vegetableUC Riverside researchers have... Read More

The stem cells that weren’t there

Diabetes researchers, investigating how the body supplies itself with insulin, discovered to their surprise that adult stem... Read More

New golden frog discovered in remote region of Colombia

Discovery made possible through the Conservation Leadership Program Bogotá, Colombia, August 28, 2007— A new poisonous... Read More

Amazon rainforest at risk from initiative to connect South American economies

New study offers solutions to balance development, conservation needs Bariloche, Argentina (Oct. 1, 2007) – An... Read More

Hurricanes Impact Carbon Sequestration By Forests

ASHEVILLE, NC -- Hurricanes significantly lessen the capacity of US forests to sequester atmospheric carbon, according to a... Read More

Changing Global Nitrogen Cycle Impacting Human Health, Says Colorado University-led Study

Despite greatly increasing food production for humans, the growing use of nitrogen as a nutrient is affecting people's... Read More

Plants used traditionally to treat malaria in Brazil: the archives of Flora Medicinal

Alexandros S Botsaris IBPM (Brazilian Institute of Medicinal Plants), Rua Gal Urquiza 128, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22431-040,... Read More

Analysis of rhesus monkey genome uncovers genetic differences with humans, chimps

An international consortium of researchers has published the genome sequence of the rhesus macaque monkey and aligned it... Read More

Nerve cells’ power plants caught in a traffic jam

Nerve cells need lots of energy to work properly, and the energy needs to be delivered to the right place at the right time.... Read More

Scientists compare 12 fruit fly genomes

Fly consortium uncovers swarm of novel findings about genomic evolution, function An international research consortium of... Read More