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Minimum temperature

minimum temperature In bacteriology, denoting a temperature below which growth will not take... Read More

Conservation: Minimum Population Size Targets Too Low To Prevent Extinction?

Conservation biologists are setting their minimum population size targets too low to prevent extinction. That's... Read More

Law of the minimum

Law of the minimum growth and development of plants and animals are determined by the availability of that essential... Read More

Limiting factor

Limiting factor in biology refers to any of the factors (variables) in an environment capable of limiting a process, such as... Read More

Shelfords Law of Tolerance

Definition noun It is a law stating that a certain organism’s survival and existence depend upon the multifaceted set of... Read More

Survey finds care for Europe’s adults with congenital heart disease is inadequate

 The provision of care in Europe for adults born with heart disease is inadequate and there are too few specialist centres... Read More

New test can rule out heart damage within six hours

A new test to assess chest pain in UK emergency departments can rule out the possibility of heart damage within six hours,... Read More

Can discrete event simulation be of use in modelling major depression?

III. Application Acceptance of the definitions proposed brings us to the comparison of two computational frameworks for... Read More


thermometer (Science: physics) An instrument for measuring temperature, founded on the principle that changes of temperature... Read More

Nonlinear elasticity, proteinquakes, and the energy landscapes of functional transitions in proteins

Abstract Large-scale motions of biomolecules involve linear elastic deformations along low-frequency normal modes, but for... Read More

Sex-related variation in compact bone microstructure of the femoral diaphysis in juvenile rabbits

Martiniaková M, Omelka R, Grosskopf B, Sirotkin AV, Chrenek P. Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Constantine the... Read More

New methods for brain research

Novel methods of measuring magnetic fields outside the head give further insights to the functioning of the human brain. In... Read More

Ex vivo

Definition adjective, adverb (Of a biological process) made to occur in or on a biological tissue but in an artificial... Read More

Statistical Thermodynamics: taking a walk on a landscape

Charles L. Brooks III, José N. Onuchic, David J. Wales C. L. Brooks III is in the Department of Molecular Biology, The... Read More

Biodiversity in Danger

By Vicki Mozo Biodiversity is in peril. One of the major factors causing the augmenting biodiversity loss is related to... Read More

Snowball Earth: New Evidence Hints at Global Glaciation 716.5 Million Years Ago

Geologists have found evidence that sea ice extended to the equator 716.5 million years ago, bringing new precision to a... Read More

Potential Ecological Costs and Co-Benefits of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation)

A new paper just published in Global Change Biology examines the potential of a REDD (Reducing Emissions from... Read More

Researchers receive federal funds to study marine organisms and potential products on oil platforms

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) September 2000 -- A treasure trove of biological material, in the array of marine organisms --... Read More

Organic And Natural Beef Cattle Production Systems Offer No Major Difference In Antibiotic Susceptibility Of E. Coli

August 2009 — A new study suggests that when compared to conventionally raised beef cattle, organic and... Read More

Mosaic analysis of stem cell function and wound healing in the mouse corneal epithelium

Mosaic analysis of stem cell function and wound healing in the mouse corneal epithelium Richard L Mort1,2, Thaya Ramaesh1,... Read More

Dogs Are Aggressive If They Are Trained Badly

May 1, 2009 — Many dogs are put down or abandoned due to their violent nature, but contrary to popular belief, breed has... Read More

Old-Growth Forest Degradation: The Not-So-Slow Depletion of a Natural Resource

by Cheri Bermudez September 2007 Opening Thoughts As Earth’s population increases the amount of livable space... Read More

Researchers Warn: ‘Antivirals Might Be Wasted On The Elderly’

July 28, 2009 — A model of influenza transmission and treatment suggests that, if the current swine flu pandemic behaves... Read More

Genetics of Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode, Heterodera glycines Ichinohe (RACE 3), in a Brazilian Soybean Population

Genetics of Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode, Heterodera glycines Ichinohe (RACE 3), in a Brazilian Soybean... Read More

Genetics, drugs and environmental factors in parkinson’s disease (A case-control study)

Genetics, drugs and environmental factors in parkinson's disease A case-control study ANTONIO LUIZ DOS SANTOS WERNECK*,... Read More


Definition noun (1) An increase in the number of circulating erythrocytes in the blood above the minimum normal level. (2)... Read More

Commercial forest land

Commercial forest land Forested land which is capable of producing new growth at a minimum rate of 20 cubic feet per... Read More


Definition noun An increase in the number of circulating erythrocytes in the blood above the minimum normal... Read More

Hyperthermia: Role and Risk Factor for Cancer Treatment

The body is made up of millions of cells and cancer starts when one of them instigates to develop and proliferate too much... Read More

Population Regulation in an Ecosystem

Darwin focused some of this work in regards to the population size of a species, and what factors may affect them. He... Read More

Animal Water Regulation

Homeostatic control, a set environment, and how evolution and natural selection drives a species to adapt to its environment... Read More

Polygenic inheritance

Polygenic inheritance refers to the kind of inheritance in which the trait is produced from the cumulative effects of many... Read More

Essential nutrient

Definition noun, plural: essential nutrients A nutrient in which an organism must obtain from the environment or from a... Read More

Castor oil enema

An injection of castor oil, or a solution containing castor oil, into the rectum as a laxative. Not in common usage today,... Read More


Definition noun The metabolic process of producing glycogen from glucose for storage mainly in liver and muscle cells in... Read More

Critical concentration

Critical concentration (Science: chemistry) The minimum concentration of units needed before a biological polymer will... Read More


Basil The skin of a sheep tanned with bark. Origin: Corrupt. From E. Basan, f. Basane, LL. Basanium, bazana, fr. Ar.... Read More

Rayleigh criterion

Rayleigh criterion (Science: microscopy) A criterion chosen by lord Rayleigh to define the limit of resolution of a... Read More