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Muscular dystrophy

muscular dystrophy A group of diseases characterised by progressive degeneration and/or loss of muscle fibres without... Read More


Sarcolemma Definition What is the sarcolemma? It is the thin, transparent, extensible plasma membrane of the muscle cell.... Read More


L-carnitine (Science: amino acid) Is a dipeptide - an amino acid made from two other aminos, methionine and lysine. It can... Read More

Monogenic disease

Definition noun An inherited disease determined by the interaction of a single pair of genes Supplement A monogenic disease... Read More

CRISPR DIY – biohacking genes at home

Have you ever thought of changing yourself for the better -- genetically-speaking? Lately, CRISPR company has been selling a... Read More

X-linked inheritance

Definition noun (genetics) Inheritance for genes on the X chromosome Supplement Sex chromosomes are not only relevant for... Read More

Principles of Biochemistry With a Human Focus by R.H. Garrett & C.M. Grisham

Principles of Biochemistry With a Human Focus       ... Read More

Nonsense mutation

Definition noun, plural: nonsense mutations A form of point mutation resulting in a nonsense codon that does not code for an... Read More


Definition noun plural: mononucleotides ol·i·go·nu·cle·o·tide, ŏl′ĭ-gō-no͞o′klē-ə-tīd A short polymer... Read More


Mutation is a permanent, heritable change in the nucleotide sequence or the process by which such a change occurs in a gene... Read More

Biochemistry, Update (with ThomsonNOW, InfoTrac Printed Access Card)

Biochemistry, Update (with ThomsonNOW, InfoTrac Printed Access Card)    ... Read More