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Hooded prepuce

Hooded prepuce incomplete circumferential formation of foreskin with a dorsal component (the dorsal hood) but an absent or... Read More


prepuce (Science: anatomy) A covering fold of skin, often used alone to designate the preputium penis. A fold of skin... Read More


(Science: anatomy) The male organ of copulation and of urinary excretion, comprising a root, body and extremity or glans... Read More

Preputium clitoridis

preputium clitoridis --> prepuce of clitoris (Science: anatomy) The external fold of the labia minora, forming a cap over... Read More


Definition noun An oily substance produced and secreted by sebaceous gland Supplement Sebum is the substance produced and... Read More


Definition noun, singular: lamella (general) Thin structures resembling a plate. (cell biology) Intergrana thylakoids, i.e.... Read More

Apocrine gland

The human body is a complex assemblage of many different organs, systems, glands, bones, and tissues. Weighing any one over... Read More