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proto-oncogene (Science: molecular biology) The normal, cellular equivalent of an oncogene, thus usually a gene involved in... Read More


Oncogene (Science: molecular biology, oncology) Mutated and/or overexpressed version of a normal gene of animal cells (the... Read More


Ets (Science: oncogene) a proto-oncogene that causes leukaemias in chickens. It is found in E26 transforming retrovirus... Read More


Cancer definition In biology, cancer is defined as the malignant growth due to uncontrolled cell division. It is now used... Read More


Definition noun, plural: transactivations (molecular biology, genetics) The stimulation of transcription by expressing an... Read More

Insertional mutagenesis

Insertional mutagenesis Generally, mutagenesis of dna by the insertion of one or more bases. Specific examples: 1.... Read More


Phosphorylation Definition We can define phosphorylation as a biochemical process in which a phosphate molecule is added to... Read More