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Definition noun, singular: protozoon Eukaryotic organisms belonging to a group characterized for being single-celled, most... Read More


Taxonomy Definition The term "taxonomy" was developed from two Greek words, "taxis," meaning arrangement, and "nomia,"... Read More

Sexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction involving the fusion of haploid female gamete (egg cell) and haploid male... Read More


A pseudopodium (plural: pseudopodia) refers to the temporary projection of the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell. Pseudopodia... Read More


Definition noun, plural: ciliates Common name for the members of the phylum Ciliophora (or in other classification scheme,... Read More


(noun) Plural form of protozoan. See protozoan for definition and additional... Read More


Definition noun, plural: sporozoans Any of the numerous protozoans of the phylum (or class) Sporozoa, generally... Read More

Asexual reproduction

Asexual Reproduction Definition What is asexual reproduction? Asexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction that does not... Read More


Definition noun, plural: amoeboids (1) A group of protozoans characterized by their amoeboid movement by means of temporary... Read More

Binary fission

Binary fission definition What is binary fission? In biology, binary fission is a type of asexual reproduction where a... Read More


Definition noun A protozoan phylum of the Kingdom Protista of the old five kingdom scheme of classification, and includes... Read More


Definition noun, plural: macronuclei The larger type of nucleus involved in non-reproductive functions (as opposed to the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: cilia (biology) Microscopic, hair-like projection on the surfaces of some cells and of certain... Read More


paraflagellum A minute accessory flagellum sometimes present in addition to the ordinary flagellum of certain... Read More


Symbiosis Definition What is symbiosis? Symbiosis can be defined as any kind of relationship or interaction between two... Read More


Endomixis (ciencia: Uno mismo-fertilización de la biología), la unión de un huevo y una esperma son que del mismo... Read More


Heterotroph Definition What is heterotroph? In biology and ecology, a heterotroph is an organism that does not have the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: choanoflagellates A flagellate protozoan of the genera Monosiga and Proterospongia of the class... Read More


Dinoflagellida protozoans of the class phytomastigophora, found mainly in the oceans. They are characterised by the presence... Read More

Lotic Communities & Animals

A running water environment offers numerous microhabitats that simulate favorable conditions for many types of animals to... Read More


Definition noun The scientific study of protists. Supplement Protistology encompasses other scientific disciplines such as... Read More


Definition A taxonomic group belonging to Mastigophora, and includes all flagellate protozoans that are characteristically... Read More


Definition noun A taxonomic group within Phylum Sarcomastigophora. It includes the amoebas, heliozoan, rediozoa and... Read More

Trophic level

In ecology, a trophic level pertains to a position in a food chain or ecological pyramid occupied by a group of organisms... Read More


xenosome 1. (Science: marine biology) A bacterial endosymbiont of certain marine protozoans. 2. Inorganic particles in... Read More

Researchers sequence the basal eukaryote Tetrahymena thermophila

    The genome sequence of the single-celled ciliate Tetrahymena... Read More


Giardia (Science: protozoa) genus of flagellate protozoans which are free swimming parasites that inhabits the... Read More


Malaria in humans, the set of diseases caused by infection by the protozoans plasmodium vivax causing the tertian type, P.... Read More

Ciliate Genome Sequence Reveals Unique Features of a Model Eukaryote

One reason to sequence the genomes of non-human organisms is to better understand our similarities and differences. And, at... Read More

Fire ant killing protozoa found in 120 Texas counties

STEPHENVILLE – If imported fire ants dreamed – and who knows if they do or don't – then a tiny protozoa could be their... Read More


Animal Definition An animal (plural: animals) refers to any of the eukaryotic multicellular organisms of the biological... Read More


A cell is a membrane-bound structure that occurs as a functional independent unit of life (such as in unicellular organisms,... Read More


An organism refers to a living thing that has an organized structure, can react to stimuli, reproduce, grow, adapt, and... Read More


Definition of Gamete What is a gamete? A gamete is the mature reproductive or sex cell that contains a haploid number of... Read More

Gametic nucleus

Gametic nucleus --> micronucleus (Science: cell biology) The smaller nucleus in ciliate protozoans, fully active in... Read More


Cellulose Definition noun plural: celluloses cel·lu·lose, sĕl′yə-lōs (1) A polysaccharide consisting of a linear... Read More

African sleeping sickness

African sleeping sickness (Science: infectious disease) a disease affecting humans and other mammals in central Africa that... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of or pertaining to a tissue that is not made of cells or not divided into cells, such as hyphae... Read More


Holozoic animal-like in mode of obtaining nourishment, lacking photosynthetic capacity; denoting certain protozoans, in... Read More


Prowazekia A genus of coprozoic flagellate protozoans, formerly part of the genus bodo; the organisms may be parasitic but... Read More