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Antisense strand

Definition noun, plural: antisense strands Strand of DNA running from 3' to 5' complementing the sense strand, and is not... Read More

Sense strand

Definition noun, plural: sense strands Strand of DNA running from 5' to 3' complementing the antisense strand, and... Read More

Mature mRNA

Definition noun plural: mature mRNAs The completely processed mRNA molecule in the cell of eukaryotes Details Overview... Read More

Precursor mRNA

Definition noun plural: precursor mRNAs An immature or incompletely processed mRNA molecule in eukaryotes that needs to be... Read More


Definition noun (general) The beginning of a state or of a process; the act of initiating Supplement In general sense, the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hybridizations (reproductive biology) The act or process of mating organisms of different... Read More

RNA-DNA World Hypothesis?

How did life start as we know it? In the scientific community, the "RNA World Hypothesis" has many adherents. Many believed... Read More