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Soft tubercle

soft tubercle A tubercle showing caseous necrosis. Synonym: caseous... Read More

Intervenous tubercle

Intervenous tubercle The slight projection on the wall of the right atrium between the orifices of the venae cavae. Synonym:... Read More


tubercle (Science: microbiology) chronic inflammatory focus, a granuloma, caused by mycobacterium... Read More


Labia Definition Often, when persons think of the female reproductive system, they think of the vagina. However, the female... Read More

Tuberculum minus humeri

tuberculum minus humeri --> lesser tubercle of humerus The anterior of the two tubercles of the neck of the humerus on... Read More


Lined with moist tissue, the pharynx is like a bustling biological highway that directs food and air to their respective... Read More


metastasis 1. (Science: cell biology, oncology) The transfer of disease from one organ or part to another not directly... Read More

Tuberculum nuclei gracilis

tuberculum nuclei gracilis tubercle of gracile... Read More

Tuberositas coracoidea

tuberositas coracoidea --> coracoid tuberosity The conoid tubercle and trapezoid line of the coracoid process of the... Read More