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Not normal, contrary to the usual structure, position, behaviour or rule.
What is normal and what is abnormality?
Is what we view as a specific way of behaving and doing what everyone else follows, which is the way society calls “The right Way???, but what happens with those that are not abnormal they just decide to live different from the rest.
Abnormal: -The way the law defines abnormal behavior. This of course depends on the state and if it has vote of insanity.-Example: If a person can tell right from wrong, or if the person is capable of understanding their behavior or even unable to control themselves.
Examples of abnormality
abnormality as a deviation from the average
-This is not a way to judge a person.
-Example: Because someone eats cheerios instead of fruit loops one cannot be considered abnormal.
abnormality as a deviation from the ideal
-What you are not accustomed to be it cultural or social.
-Example: say you moved from japan to America and you see everyone
kissing as a form of hello. In japan this is not something that we
may see as normal.
abnormality as a sense of personal discomfort
-You feel anxious, distressed or guilty as an individual and become
harmful to others.
abnormality as the inability to function effectively
-You cannot perform at the same level or standards in society such as homeless people, unemployed, and/or handicap.

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