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(1) A pattern consisting of numerous small pieces (or elements) fitted together.
(2) Anything that resembles such a pattern, as in fluid mosaic model of cell membranes.
(genetics) Mosaicism, or the organism exhibiting mosaicism, which is the occurrence of two or more cell populations with different genotypes in an individual.
(botany) A mosaic disease: a viral disease of ornamental and crop plants characterized by mottling and discoloration of leaves.
(ecology) A habitat mosaic: a pattern of interspersed ecosystem of similar size and on a recurring basis.
In genetics, a mosaic or mosaicism refers to the presence of two (or more) populations of cells, each with different genotypes in an individual. It may be a gonadal mosaicism or tissue mosaicism. An example of mosaicism is 46/47 XY/XXY mosaic.
Word origin: Middle English musycke, from Old French mosaique, from Old Italian mosaico, from Medieval Latin mūsāicum, neuter of mūsāicus, of the Muses, from Latin Mūsa, Muse, from Greek Mousa.
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