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Parental generation

(genetics) The first set of parents crossed in which their genotype is the basis for predicting the genotype of their offspring, which in turn, may be crossed (filial generation)
Gregor Mendel’s genetic experiments include terms used for genetic studies and analysis. One of them is parental generation. The parental generation refers to the first set of parents crossed. The parents’ genotype would be used as the basis for predicting the genotype of their offspring, which in turn, may be crossed (filial generation).
Parental generation is the first generation involving two individuals that are mated to foresee or analyze the genotypes of their offspring.
Their probable set of offspring would constitute the so-called first filial generation (or F1 generation). A cross between two of the offspring in F1 generation would produce a new set of progeny called second filial generation (or F2 generation).
An example of this is a cross is that Gregor Mendel performed on common garden pea plants, for instance one plant producing purple flowers and another, producing white flowers. Two individual plants, i.e. each one from the two groups of pea plants, were bred for a test cross. These two plants comprise the parental generation (P generation). This type of cross is called a monohybrid cross since only one trait (i.e. flower color) was tested and observed.
Abbreviation / Acronym:

  • P generation
  • P1 generation

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