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Any from a set of copies or repetitions, especially of a laboratory or research procedure.
To make an exact copy; to duplicate; to reproduce
(1) (method) Pertaining to a method or procedure in experiments duplicated or repeated to test a set of conditions and lower (or avoid) the error in results
(2) (botany) Folded or bent back on itself, as in a leaf
In genetics, to replicate means to reproduce an exact copy of the genetic material prior to mitosis (or meiosis) in eukaryotic cells. In prokaryotic cells, it is the means by which genetic materials are produced for reproduction.
In scientific experiments, a replicate pertains to a copy or a representative from a group to undergo the same (exact) procedure. For instance, the treatment group would consist of three replicates (called triplicates) to test for the deviation of the results.
Word origin: Latin replicatus, past participle of replicare (to fold or bend back)
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