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Repressor protein

noun, plural: repressor proteins
A protein in which its binding to the operator inhibits the transcription of one or more genes
Repressor proteins can be DNA– or RNA-binding:

  • DNA-binding repressors – block the binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter. As a result, the gene is prevented from being transcribed into mRNA
  • RNA-binding repressors – bind to mRNA, preventing protein translation

Examples of repressor proteins are lac repressor that inhibits the expression of lac operon in E. coli. Another is MetJ, a methionine repressor of met operon.
Repressor proteins are influenced by the presence of other molecules, such as corepressors and inducers. Corepressors are molecules that bind and activate repressors. Inducers, on the other hand, bind and regulate repressors by inducing the latter to undergo conformational change thereby decreasing binding affinity to the operator.
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  • repression
  • aporepressor
  • Met repressor operator complex
  • Lactose repressor
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