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Y-linked gene

noun, plural: Y-linked genes
A gene located on the Y chromosome
Y chromosome is the male chromosome of many animals, such as mammals, including humans. It bears genes that are essentially passed on from the father to the son or the male offspring. The chromosome is responsible for the manifestation of male traits. One of the genes associated with sex determination is the SRY gene (Sex-determining Region Y gene). The gene codes for a protein that initiates the testicular development in male mammals. Other sex-determining genes present in Y chromosome are those in the Azoospermia factor (AZF) region. These genes (e.g. AZF1 and AZF2) are involved in sperm production. The lack of AZF1, for instance, was associated with the failure to produce sperm. Apart from sex-determining genes, there are also other genes that y chromosome bear. One of them is the SOX21 gene, which codes for the transcription factor SOX-21 protein. This protein is associated with baldness or hair loss. Other genes found in the Y chromosome include acetylserotonin methyltransferase, zinc finger protein, amelogenin, interleukin-3 receptor, etc.
Since Y chromosome is passed on from the father to the son there are traits acquired through patrilineal inheritance. An example is the hypertrichosis of ears wherein the trait characterized by having hairy ears is passed on from the father to the male offspring.

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