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Definition noun, plural: ilia The uppermost and the largest bone of the pelvis that is composed of two major parts in... Read More

Digestive Enzymes

Have you ever thought about what happens to the food after you have taken it into your mouth? How those big steak pieces... Read More

Facies sacropelvina ossis ilii

Facies sacropelvina ossis ilii --> sacropelvic surface of ilium The medial surface of the ilium behind and below the... Read More


Definition noun (anatomy) (1) A winglike anatomical process or part, used of a bone. (2) One of the two major parts of... Read More


(noun) Plural form of ilium. See ilium for definition and additional... Read More


Definition noun, plural: bones The rigid organ comprised of bone tissues, and forms the skeleton of most... Read More


sacrum (Science: anatomy) The triangular-shaped bone lying between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the coccyx (tailbone). It... Read More

Linea arcuata

Linea arcuata --> arcuate line An arching or bow-shaped line. See: arcuate line of ilium, arcuate line of rectus... Read More


Ilial (Science: anatomy) Pertaining to the ilium;... Read More

Joints of pelvic girdle

The joints of pelvic girdle, in anatomy, are the joints that unite the sacrum and the two hip bones, forming the pelvic... Read More

Sacroiliac joint

sacroiliac joint The joint between the sacrum and ilium and associated... Read More