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Cellular respiration

Cellular Respiration Definition The main function of cellular respiration is to break down glucose to form energy. In... Read More


Definition noun plural: fructoses fruc•tose, ˈfɹʊk.toʊs A ketohexose monosaccharide with a chemical formula of... Read More

Common Food Additive Found to Increase Risk and Speed Spread of Lung Cancer

January 1, 2009 -- New research in an animal model suggests that a diet high in inorganic phosphates, which are found in a... Read More


Glucose Definition noun plural: glucoses glu·cose, ˈɡlukoʊs An aldohexose monosaccharide (chemical formula:... Read More

Adenosine monophosphate

Definition noun plural: adenosine monophosphates (biochemistry) A nucleotide composed of adenine, ribose and a phosphate... Read More


Definition noun The metabolic process of breaking down stored glycogen in liver into glucose subunits (i.e.... Read More


Definition noun plural: hydrogens hy·dro·gen, ˈhaɪdɹədʒ(ə)n (biochemistry) A colorless, odorless, gaseous element,... Read More


Chemiosmosis Definition What is chemiosmosis? In biology, chemiosmosis refers to the process of moving ions (e.g. protons)... Read More


Definition noun plural: carbohydrates car·bo·hy·drate, kɑːbəʊˈhaɪdɹeɪt Any of the group of organic compounds... Read More


Definition noun plural: sugars sug·ar, ˈʃʊɡɚ (1) Any monosaccharide or disaccharide, used especially by organisms to... Read More

Inorganic salt

Definition noun, plural: inorganic salts A salt that lacks C-H bonds Supplement A salt is defined as the neutral ionic... Read More


Catabolism Definition Catabolism is the branch of the metabolic process that breaks down complex, big molecules into... Read More


Definition noun, plural: synthases (biochemistry) An enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of a compound Supplement Synthases... Read More

Alkaline phosphatase

Alkaline phosphatase (Science: enzyme) An enzyme that catalyses the cleavage of inorganic Phosphate non-specifically from a... Read More

Phosphate acetyltransferase

phosphate acetyltransferase (Science: enzyme) An enzyme that catalyses the synthesis of acetylphosphate from acetyl-coA and... Read More

Speciation of Phosphorus in Phosphorus-Enriched Agricultural Soils Using X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy and Chemical Fractionation

Suzanne Beauchemin*,a,d, Dean Hesterbergb, Jeff Chouc, Mario Beauchemina,d, Régis R. Simarde and Dale E. Sayersf a Natural... Read More

Bone tissue

Definition noun, plural: bone tissues A mineralized connective tissue from which bones are made. Supplement The bone tissue... Read More


Definition noun, plural: cofactors (biochemistry) An inorganic complement of an enzyme reaction Supplement Cofactors... Read More

P/O quotient

Definition noun A ratio indicating the number of inorganic phosphate molecules used for ATP synthesis for every oxygen... Read More

ATP synthetase

Definition noun, plural: ATP synthetases An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of ATP from the phosphorylation of ADP with... Read More

ATP synthase

Definition noun, plural: ATP synthases An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of ATP from the phosphorylation of ADP with... Read More


Diesterase --> phosphodiesterases enzymes (EC sub-subclass 3.1.4) cleaving phosphodiester bonds, such as those in camp or... Read More


Glycosyltransferase (Science: enzyme) enzymes that catalyze the transfer of glycosyl group to an acceptor. Most often... Read More

P/o ratio

Definition noun A measure of oxidative phosphorylation showing the number of inorganic phosphate molecules used for ATP... Read More

How Life Originated In Space

Life originated on the Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago. However, the scientists are still disputing over the possible... Read More

Carrier protein

Carrier protein is a type of cell membrane protein involved in facilitated diffusion and active transport of substances out... Read More

Bodansky unit

Bodansky unit That amount of phosphatase that liberates 1 mg of phosphorus as inorganic Phosphate during the first hour of... Read More

Phosphorus Runoff from Agricultural Land and Direct Fertilizer Effects

A Review Murray R. Harta, Bert F. Quinb,* and M. Long Nguyenc a School of Environment & Agriculture, University of... Read More

Vitreous humor

Definition noun The clear, gel-like body fluid in the vitreous chamber, i.e. the posterior cavity between the lens and the... Read More


Reviewed by: Todd Smith, PhD Definition noun plural: enzymes en·zyme, ˈɛnzaɪm (biochemistry) A... Read More

Phosphorus Availability in an Artificially Flooded Southeastern Floodplain Forest Soil

DIVISION S-8—NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT & SOIL & PLANT ANALYSIS Phosphorus Availability in an Artificially Flooded... Read More

Metal–organic complexation in the marine environment

Metal–organic complexation in the marine environment George W Luther III1, Timothy F Rozan1 , Amy Witter2  and Brent... Read More


Fermentation Definition What is fermentation? Fermentation is the breaking down of sugar molecules into simpler compounds... Read More

Oil vaccine

oil vaccine --> adjuvant vaccine A vaccine that contains an adjuvant; most often the antigen (immunogen) is included in a... Read More

Cell Biology

The cell is defined as the fundamental, functional unit of life. Some organisms are comprised of only one cell whereas... Read More

Hydrogen-transporting ATP synthase

Definition noun A membrane enzyme that allows the diffusion of protons (hydrogen ions) through its proton channel component... Read More

Researchers Create New Strategy For Removing Arsenic From Soil

A team of researchers, led by a University of Georgia scientist, has developed the first transgenic system for removing... Read More

N-omega-phosphoarginine hydrolase

N-omega-phosphoarginine hydrolase (Science: enzyme) rat liver enzyme hydrolyzes n-omega-phosphoarginine into arginine and... Read More