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Practical Business Math Procedures w/ DVD, Business Math Handbook, and Wall Street Journal insert

Practical Business Math Procedures w/ DVD, Business Math Handbook, and Wall Street Journal insert   ... Read More


Insert 1. An additional length of base pairs in dna that has been introduced into that dna. 2. An additional length of bases... Read More

World’s First Cloned Transgenic Goats Born

By SARAH SUE GOLDSMITH, LSU News Service BATON ROUGE -- The world's first cloned transgenic goats have been born as part... Read More


Intercalate 1. To insert, as a day or other portion of time, in a calendar. 2. To insert among others, as a verse in a... Read More


Amphipathic is a word used to describe a chemical compound containing both polar (water-soluble) and nonpolar (not... Read More


Definition noun The process of creating an exact copy of a biological unit (e.g. a DNA sequence, cell, or organism) from... Read More

Scorpion Toxin Makes Insecticidal Fungus Deadly To Insect Pests

University of Maryland entomology professor Raymond St. Leger has discovered how to use scorpion genes to create... Read More

Homologation criterion between the scapular and pelvic waists and their associated structures

PELLEGRINO, F., TANGELSON, C., GALLIANO, L. et al. The waists are studied customarily in separated form together with the... Read More

Not Junk: ‘Jumping Genes’ Critical For Early Embryo

Jumping genes, also known as transposons, are gaining momentum. They are considered either as slacking junks or maleficent... Read More

Soil Nutrients Shape Tropical Forests, Large-scale Study Indicates

    A tropical forest at Barro Colorado Island, Panama, is one of three used in the... Read More

Researchers Create New Strategy For Removing Arsenic From Soil

A team of researchers, led by a University of Georgia scientist, has developed the first transgenic system for removing... Read More


Definition noun, plural: placentae or placentas (1) (zoology) The vascular organ formed during gestation of female mammals... Read More


Proboscis Definition What is proboscis? A proboscis refers to an elongated or projecting appendage in the head region of... Read More

Freezing Cancer Cells Makes Them Prime Targets For Anti-Cancer Drug, New Study Finds

Freezing Cancer Cells Makes Them Prime Targets For Anti-Cancer Drug, New Study Finds Berkeley - The answer to improving the... Read More

Extrinsic muscles

Definition noun A group of muscles lying superficially on a structure, in contrast to intrinsic muscles, which are located... Read More


Definition noun, plural: grafts (botany) A shoot, bud, or scion of one plant that is inserted to another plant that would... Read More


Mite Definition What is mite? A mite is a minute arachnid, typically measuring less than 1 mm in length. It belongs to the... Read More

Att site

Att site (Science: molecular biology) a site on the chromosome of the bacteria E. Coli where the lambda bacteriophage can... Read More


Dip 1. To plunge or immerse; especially, to put for a moment into a liquid; to insert into a fluid and withdraw again. The... Read More


Intersperse 1. To scatter or set here and there among other things; to insert at intervals; as, to intersperse pictures in a... Read More


Definition noun, plural: plasmids A linear or circular double-stranded DNA that is capable of replicating independently of... Read More


Imp 1. A shoot; a scion; a bud; a slip; a graft. 2. An offspring; progeny; child; scion. The tender imp was weaned.... Read More


Enter 1. to come or go into; to pass into the interior of; to pass within the outer cover or shell of; to penetrate; to... Read More


port This is an implated access device which allows professional carers to draw blood and make intravenous (or... Read More

Great Plains Farmers Are Diversifying

     Sunflowers and proso millet plots in the alternative crop rotation plots. In this... Read More

Mobile genetic element

mobile genetic element --> transposon (Science: molecular biology) small, mobile dNA sequences that can replicate and... Read More


Inoculation Definition In Immunology, inoculation is defined as the process of introducing an antigenic substance or... Read More

Intercalated discs

Intercalated disc An electron dense junctional complex, at the end to end contacts of cardiac muscle cells, that contains... Read More

New ‘implanted contacts’ designed to fix nearsightedness

UT Southwestern Medical Center ophthalmologists will be the first in the area to insert a new type of implanted lens to fix... Read More


Primers: Syntheic nucleotide strands inserted for pairing with parent template of DNA; usually it is installed at the... Read More

Plasmid vector,

• Vector - any vehicle used to get recombinant DNA into a host cell o Plasmids - easy to use, work well with... Read More


Definition noun, plural: transposons A small segment of DNA that is capable of replicating and inserting copies of DNA at... Read More

Passionate about Thresher Sharks in the Philippines

My work as a marine biologist has drawn me to the Coral Triangle, an area of our oceans consisting of the highest levels of... Read More


Fill 1. To make full; to supply with as much as can be held or contained; to put or pour into, till no more can be received;... Read More


omit 1. To let go; to leave unmentioned; not to insert or name; to drop. These personal comparisons I omit. (bacon) 2. To... Read More

Nano-sized voltmeter measures electric fields deep within cells

A wireless, nano-scale voltmeter developed at the University of Michigan is overturning conventional wisdom about the... Read More

Scientists, Ethics, and Public Engagement

by C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D. Many scientists argue that the solution to the tension between science and society is to increase... Read More

Bacteria Are Key To ‘Green’ Plastics, Drugs

HOUSTON, Aug. 23, 2005 -- Trials have begun in Kansas on a "green"production method for succinate, a key... Read More

Plants As Plants: Gene Could Convert Crops To Plastics Factories

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Scientists have found a gene that allows plants to package and store materials in their cells a... Read More