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Cell signaling

Definition noun The process of communication occurring between the cells and within the cell Supplement Cell signaling is... Read More

Paracrine signaling

Definition noun A form of cell signaling in which the target cell is near the signal-releasing cell. Supplement Examples of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: eicosanoids Any of the substances derived from arachidonic acid or other polyunsaturated fatty... Read More


Definition noun, plural: neurohormones Any of the various hormones secreted by neuroendocrine cells Supplement A... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hormones (physiology) Any of the substances produced and secreted by an endocrine gland, and then... Read More

Autocrine signaling

Definition noun A form of cell signaling in which a cell secretes an autocrine agent (e.g. hormone or chemical messenger)... Read More


Definition adjective Of or relating to a hormone or to a secretion released by (endocrine) cells into the adjacent cells or... Read More


Definition noun, plural: prostacyclins Any member from the subfamily of eicosanoids, with a chemical formula of C20H32O5,... Read More

Growth hormone

Definition noun, plural: growth hormones A polypeptide hormone that in humans and other animals essentially promotes... Read More


Definition adjective Of, relating to, or being a substance that acts on surface receptors of the same cell that produced... Read More