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paternal 1. Of or pertaining to a father; fatherly; showing the disposition of a father; guiding or instructing as a father;... Read More

Paternal-effect gene

Definition noun, plural: paternal-effect genes A gene from the father's genome in which the phenotype in the zygote is... Read More

Paternal inheritance

Definition noun A form of inheritance wherein the traits of the offspring are paternal in origin due to the expression of... Read More

Older Fathers More Likely To Have Autistic Children

Children of men age 40 and older have a significantly increased risk of having autism spectrum disorders compared with... Read More

Parental chromosomes are together but still apart at first mitosis

A recent finding by a team of researchers from European Molecular Biology Laboratory on the parental chromosomes during the... Read More


What is Meiosis? A simple definition of meiosis would be is this: meiosis is the process of cell division that results in... Read More

Mitochondrial DNA not just from moms but also from dads?

If one wants to trace down lineage, that person could turn to the cell's powerhouse, the mitochondrion. This organelle... Read More

UNC study pinpoints gene crucial for female embryo survival

Gene keeps paternal X chromosome inactive CHAPEL HILL - A gene discovered by scientists at the University of North... Read More

Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA Definition noun plural: mitochondrial DNAs The genetic material in the mitochondrion that carries code... Read More

Maternal inheritance

Definition noun A form of inheritance wherein the traits of the offspring are maternal in origin due to the expression... Read More

Zygotic-effect gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic-effect genes (1) Any of the genes expressed in the early embryo. (2) Any of the genes... Read More

Law of Segregation

Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance The father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, reported his findings in 1860 that was initially... Read More

First Evidence That Female Human Embryos Adjust The Balance Of X

Dutch researchers have found the first evidence that a process of inactivating the X chromosome during embryo development... Read More

Mitochondrial inheritance

Definition noun An inheritance pattern that results from the expression of mitochondrial DNA. Supplement This form of... Read More

Drinks of the father

A "phenotype" is a way to measure an observable trait or behavior. Researchers examine a phenotype in... Read More


Definition noun, plural: heterozygotes A nucleus, cell or organism possessing two different alleles for a particular... Read More


Definition noun (genetics) The manifestation of a recessive trait, mimicking an inheritance of a dominant... Read More

Law of Purity of Gametes

Definition noun (genetics) Gregor Mendel's law stating that the unit factors are brought together and paired during union or... Read More

Sex-determining Region Y gene

Definition noun The gene that codes for the SRY protein, which is associated with the testicular development in many male... Read More

Law of Dominance

Definition noun (genetics) Gregor Mendel's law stating that when two alleles of an inherited pair is heterozygous, then,... Read More

Sex Reversal – When Males Grew Ovaries Instead of Testes

Summary: Sex reversal is not unusual in some animals, especially in invertebrates. As for the vertebrates, there are... Read More

Maternal-effect gene

Definition noun, plural: maternal-effect genes (1) A gene from the mother's genome in which its phenotype in the zygote is... Read More

Maternal gene

Definition noun, plural: maternal genes (1) A gene from the mother's genome in which its expression on the phenotype of the... Read More

Poor motherly care for newborn linked to a father’s gene?

Scientists from Cardiff University's School of Biosciences reported that a father's gene may have an impact on the quality... Read More

Zygotic gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic genes Any of the developmental genes transcribed from the DNA of the zygote. Supplement In... Read More

Law of Independent Assortment

Law of Independent Assortment Definition noun (genetics) Mendelian law stating that for every pair of unit factors, each... Read More


Definition adjective (genetics) Of, or pertaining to an individual (or a condition in a cell or an organism) containing... Read More


Definition noun, plural: homozygotes A nucleus, cell or organism where the alleles for a particular gene on each chromosome... Read More


Definition noun plural: humans hu‧man, (h)yo͞omʹn A bipedal primate belonging to the genus Homo, especially Homo... Read More

Overlapping genetic and archaeological evidence suggests neoloithic migration, say Stanford researchers

STANFORD, Calif. ­ For the first time, Stanford researchers have compared genetic patterns with archeological findings to... Read More

Florida scientist finds eight new snails that may give water quality clues

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- They're barely big enough to see and they feel like grit, but some new species of snails discovered... Read More

World first: Scientists succeed in cloning human embryos from eggs matured in the lab

Copenhagen, Denmark: Scientists in Belgium have discovered how to clone human embryos from eggs that have been matured in... Read More

Alloparenting-What Is It?

“Alloparenting—What Is It?” Sonja G. Rosas 13 September 2007 An Introduction To Alloparenting Every gregarious... Read More

Fitness Correlates Of Song Repertoire Size In Free-living Song Sparrows

Birdsong delights listeners and intrigues evolutionary ecologists. Female birds are thought to preferentially mate with... Read More

Courtship-role-reversal in the bean weevil, Bruchidius dorsalis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae): Interplay between male-male competition and cryptic female choice

Courtship-role-reversal in the bean weevil, Bruchidius dorsalis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae): Interplay between male-male... Read More

Among Wrens, Moms Teach Daughters To Call, Dads Teach Sons, Study Reveals

CHAPEL HILL -- Spying on birds with binoculars while tape recording their sounds on a cattle ranch south of Caracas,... Read More

Physical and sexual abuse linked to asthma in Puerto Rican kids

Children who are physically or sexually abused are more than twice as likely to have asthma as their peers, according to... Read More


Phenotype refers to the observable characteristics of an organism as a multifactorial consequence of genetic traits and... Read More

Dominant lethal trait

Dominant lethal trait trait, expressed in the phenotype if present in the genotype, that precludes having descendants. All... Read More