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In ecology, predation is a mechanism of population control. Thus, when the number of predators is scarce the number of... Read More

Natural selection

Natural Selection Definition What is natural selection in biology? Natural selection is defined as a process in nature... Read More

Specialists Are Better At Avoiding Predators

Insect herbivore species often specialize on the host plants that they eat, evolving adaptations to use a plant's unique... Read More

500 million years of errors: Brachiopod shells record shadow of arms race in ancient oceans

Blacksburg, Va. - A study of fossils from the Paleozoic Era, collected across the world, reveals that ancient brachiopods... Read More

Pressured by predators, lizards see rapid shift in natural selection

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Countering the widespread view of evolution as a process played out over the course of eons, evolutionary... Read More

Trophic level

In ecology, a trophic level pertains to a position in a food chain or ecological pyramid occupied by a group of organisms... Read More

Marine Biodiversity Essential To Preserving Species

CORVALLIS - A new study of marine ecosystems suggests that the preservation of biodiversity is more than just a lofty goal -... Read More

Thanatosis – Faking Death To Escape Doom

Thanatosis -- pretending to be dead -- is one of the best strategies that certain wild animals came up with in order to... Read More

Predator-prey relationship

Definition noun An interaction between two organisms of unlike species in which one of them acts as a predator that... Read More


Polymorphism Definition The occurrence of two or more different forms or morphs in the population of a species is referred... Read More

Pest Control Breakthrough From A Spider’s Stomach

DNA found in a spider's stomach could herald a breakthrough in the fight against farm pests, which cause millions of... Read More

Migrating songbirds learn survival tips on the fly

(Kingston, ON) - Migrating songbirds take their survival cues from local winged residents when flying through unfamiliar... Read More

Looking Different ‘Helps Animals To Survive’

August 9, 2009 — In the animal kingdom, everything is not as it seems. Individuals of the same species can look very... Read More

Takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri)

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Previously, we've seen the different animals endemic to New Zealand. Due to the... Read More

New Zealand’s Unique Geographical History

Written by: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Peer-reviewed by: Cathy Buntting, Ph.D. and Andrea Soanes New Zealand is... Read More

Population Growth and Survivorship

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Previously, we learned about biodiversity and endemism. Now, let's look at the... Read More


Mutualism Definition What is mutualism? In biology and ecology, a mutualism is a form of symbiosis that is characterized by... Read More

Theory Of Oscillations May Explain Biological Mysteries

New mathematical studies of the interactions between oscillating biological populations may shed light on some of the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: predators (ecology) An organism that preys upon other organisms. Supplement In ecology, predators... Read More

Females Promiscuous For The Sake Of Their Grandchildren

Bruchid beetles mating. Despite mating being a risky business for females -- not least with the threat of injury, sexually... Read More

Population Regulation in an Ecosystem

Darwin focused some of this work in regards to the population size of a species, and what factors may affect them. He... Read More


Mantis Definition A mantis (plural: mantises or mantes) refers to any of the insects that belong to the order Mantodea... Read More

Signal Chemical Primes Plants For Pest Attack

Physically damaged or chewed plants produce a volatile chemical that may serve as a primer to prepare nearby plants to... Read More


Animal Definition An animal (plural: animals) refers to any of the eukaryotic multicellular organisms of the biological... Read More

Long-Necked Sea Reptiles Had Unexpected Diet, Fossils Show

By James Owen An artist's conception shows a plesiosaur trawling the ocean floor... Read More

Investigating Microplastic Trophic Transfer in Marine Top Predators

Microplastics are less than 5mm diameter particles that came from different sources including cosmetics, clothing and... Read More

Sniffing at what the nose knows

UM researcher finds mice may swap data via smell When it comes to dating and mating, how much more can we learn from what... Read More


Moth Definition A moth is a lepidopteran insect. Moths belong to the Order Lepidoptera, together with the butterflies.... Read More


We can detect hot or cold environments using our sense of temperature. When the temperature is too hot, sweating... Read More

Convergent evolution

Convergent evolution definition What is convergent evolution? Convergent evolution is a concept in evolutionary biology... Read More

Insect control

Definition noun A method of controlling insect population, such as by chemical, biological, or other means Supplement There... Read More


Symbiosis Definition What is symbiosis? Symbiosis can be defined as any kind of relationship or interaction between two... Read More

Fishing kills Fijian coral reefs

Outbreaks of a coral-eating starfish have occurred in Fiji resulting from overexploitation of the predatory fishes that... Read More


Biome Definition What are biomes? There is no universal definition of biomes. But biome definition in biology of different... Read More

A newly discovered chemical weapon in poison frogs’ arsenal

Scientists have discovered new toxins that some Amazonian poison frogs use as a chemical... Read More

Researchers Uncover New Burrowing Dinosaur

An Emory University paleontologist, collaborating with colleagues from Montana State University and Japan, has uncovered... Read More

Female birds choose best singers to have smarter offspring

In a recent series of studies, Cornell University neurobiologists are showing why females of some avian species choose... Read More

Burrowing mammals dig for a living, but how do they do that?

Next time you see a mole digging in tree-root-filled soil in search of supper, take a moment to ponder the mammal's humerus... Read More

Evolution Impacts Environment: Fundamental Shift in How Biologists Perceive Relationship Between Evolution and Ecology

Biologists have known for long that ecology, the interaction between organisms and their environment, plays a significant... Read More

When Evolution Is Not So Slow And Gradual

Guppies. What's the secret to surviving during times of environmental change? Evolve...quickly. Guppy populations... Read More