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Nominal taxon

nominal taxon (Science: zoology) A named taxon, objectively defined by its type taxon thus the nominal family muscidae is... Read More


Definition noun, plural: taxa (taxonomy) (1) Any group or rank in a biological classification into which related organisms... Read More


Phylogeny refers to the evolutionary history of the development of a species or of a taxonomic group of organisms. The... Read More


Taxonomy Definition The term "taxonomy" was developed from two Greek words, "taxis," meaning arrangement, and "nomia,"... Read More

Taxonomic group

taxonomic group (Science: zoology) A taxon with all its subordinate taxa and their individuals, for example the taxonomic... Read More

Nomenclatural type

nomenclatural type The constituent element of a taxon to which the name of the taxon is permanently attached; the type of a... Read More


Apomorphy Definition Apomorphy (biology definition): A derived trait or characteristic that identifies a species or a... Read More


Definition noun A taxonomic group comprised of plants, particularly land plants and green algae Supplement Plantae is a... Read More


(noun) Plural form of taxon. See taxon for definition and additional... Read More

Binomial nomenclature

Binomial Nomenclature Definition Binomial nomenclature is a binomial system of naming a species. A binomial name is... Read More

Common name

Definition noun (taxonomy) The colloquial name of a taxon or species that is in any language Supplement The common name... Read More

Sensu lato

Definition adverb (Science: taxonomy) "In the broad sense" (especially of a taxon, that is including all its subordinate... Read More


Definition noun, plural: kingdoms In biology, kingdom is a taxonomic rank that is composed of smaller groups called phyla... Read More


Definition noun A biological discipline that studies crustaceans Supplement Carcinology is a branch of zoology that deals... Read More


Definition noun, plural: superclasses (taxonomy) A taxon rank subordinate to a phylum (or a subphylum) and superior to a... Read More


Definition noun (genetics) The chromosomal variation in the normal complete set of chromosomes in a cell or an organism... Read More


Definition noun (genetics) A type of euploidy wherein the additional set of chromosomes is derived from a parent or... Read More


Definition noun A branch of biology that is primarily concerned about the geological distribution of... Read More


Definition noun A taxonomic kingdom of the domain Eukaryota that includes land plants, green algae, red algae, and... Read More

The Fungi

The Fungi What are the Fungi? The Fungi are the great saprophytes, the master recyclers.  They are the black rot, the... Read More


outgroup: species or group of species closely related to but not included within a... Read More


Definition adjective Taxonomic groups that have similar character states that descends from one or more ancestral... Read More


Definition noun A protozoan phylum of the Kingdom Protista of the old five kingdom scheme of classification, and includes... Read More


Division 1. The act of dividing. 2. (Science: zoology) a rank that if treated as a division of a genus or subgenus is deemed... Read More


Definition noun, plural: sporozoans Any of the numerous protozoans of the phylum (or class) Sporozoa, generally... Read More


Definition adjective (1) (zoology) Of, pertaining to, or relating to digenesis. (2) (taxonomy) Of, relating to or pertaining... Read More


Genotype and Phenotype The contrasting terms genotype and phenotype are used to define the characteristics or traits of an... Read More

Sensu stricto

sensu stricto (Science: zoology) In the strict sense, in the narrow sense. most often used to indicate the nominate... Read More


Why are most plants green? Have you ever had the same question? Perhaps, you’ve been told that the plants are green... Read More

Vertical classification

vertical classification (Science: zoology) classification which stresses common descent and tends to unite ancestral and... Read More

Name bearing type

name bearing type (Science: zoology) The type genus, type species, holotype, lectotype, series of syntypes, neotype, type... Read More