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Cryopreserved embryo transfers suggest that endometrial receptivity may contribute to reduced success rates of later developing embryos

Richter KS, Shipley SK, McVearry I, Tucker MJ, Widra EA. Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center, Rockville,... Read More

Cellular respiration

Cellular Respiration Definition The main function of cellular respiration is to break down glucose to form energy. In... Read More

Measurement of the contributions of 1D and 3D pathways to the translocation of a protein along DNA

Measurement of the contributions of 1D and 3D pathways to the translocation of a protein along DNA   Darren M.... Read More

Evolution of four gene families with patchy phylogenetic distributions: influx of genes into protist genomes

Jan O Andersson1, Robert P Hirt2, Peter G Foster3 and Andrew J Roger4 1Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala... Read More

Anaerobic respiration

Anaerobic Respiration Definition What is anaerobic respiration? Anaerobic respiration is a respiratory process that occurs... Read More

Simplest circadian clocks operate via orderly phosphate transfers

3 proteins in a test tube, fueled by ATP, maintain accurate circadian rhythm for weeks CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Researchers at... Read More


Glucose occurs naturally and is ubiquitous. It is one of the three most common monosaccharides; the other two are fructose... Read More

Trees, Vines And Nets – Microbial Evolution Changes Its Face

EBI researchers have changed our view of 4 billion years of microbial evolution. Christos Ouzounis and colleagues have... Read More

Cannibalism In The North Atlantic: Scripps Researcher Finds Crustacean Species Keeps Population In Check By Eating Its Young

Using a combination of field samples from the Norwegian Sea and a new method for analyzing sea life populations,... Read More


L-carnitine (Science: amino acid) Is a dipeptide - an amino acid made from two other aminos, methionine and lysine. It can... Read More

Protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is a process of creating protein molecules. In biological systems, it involves amino acid synthesis,... Read More


Aspartate (Science: amino acid) a nonessential amino acid that plays a critical part of the enzyme in the liver that... Read More


Aromatase (Science: enzyme) An enzyme which converts androgens to oestrogens by desaturating ring a of the steroid. This... Read More


trans- 1. Prefix denoting across, through, beyond; opposite of cis-. 2. In genetics, denoting the location of two genes on... Read More


Definition noun The metabolic process of producing glycogen from glucose for storage mainly in liver and muscle cells in... Read More


scutellum part of the embryo in seeds of the Poaceae (grasses). Can be considered equivalent to the cotyledon of other... Read More


Mutualism Definition What is mutualism? In biology and ecology, a mutualism is a form of symbiosis that is characterized by... Read More


Pleiotropy Definition When one single gene starts affecting multiple traits of living organisms, this phenomenon is known... Read More

F-positive bacterium

Definition noun, plural: F+ bacteria A bacterium with F factor existing as a plasmid and not integrated in the bacterial... Read More

Law of Segregation

Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance The father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, reported his findings in 1860 that was initially... Read More


Definition noun, plural: electroporations A non-chemical method that transfers the genetic material into the recipient cell... Read More

Chloroplast DNA

Definition noun plural: chloroplast DNAs DNA in the chloroplast that carries the code for proteins and RNAs essential to... Read More


In biology, translation is a step in protein biosynthesis where a genetic code from a strand of mRNA is decoded to produce a... Read More

Investigating Microplastic Trophic Transfer in Marine Top Predators

Microplastics are less than 5mm diameter particles that came from different sources including cosmetics, clothing and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: transferases (biochemistry) An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a functional group from one... Read More

Babies Born After Freeze-Thawing Embryos Do Just As Well Regardless Of Whether They Were Created Via ICSI Or Standard IVF

Analysis of the longest running ICSI programme in the United States has found reassuring evidence that babies born from... Read More


Definition noun (1) A form of energy that is transferred from between objects due to a temperature difference; the thermal... Read More


Xylem Definition Xylem is defined as a plant tissue that transfers water and nutrients from roots to all over the plant... Read More

New Teams Join Network To Model Pandemic Flu, Other Infectious Outbreaks

Four new scientific teams joined an international research network developing computer-based simulations of pandemic flu... Read More

Are We All Aliens? The New Case for Panspermia

By Robert Roy Britt Nestled safely inside the belly of a comet orbiting some unknown star, a microscopic alien sits... Read More

Computers to save unique type of American red squirrel

UK expertise is being exported to North America to help prevent a unique type of red squirrel dying out in as little as 30... Read More

Scientists Take ‘snapshots’ Of Enzyme Action

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, the New York Structural Biology Center, and... Read More

Researchers Discover How Leukaemia Virus Spreads Through The Body; Discovery Could Eventually Lead To New Treatments For HIV And AIDS

Researchers from Imperial College London, University of Oxford, Kagoshima University (Japan) and University of the Ryukyus... Read More

Biologists Find that Plant Genes Imported From Unrelated Species More Often Than Previously Thought

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Scientists have long thought gene exchange between individuals of unrelated species to be an extremely... Read More

Ticks, flukes, and genomics: Emerging pathogens revealed

Ehrlichiosis is no star of science. This emerging disease has an awkward name, vague flu-like symptoms, and a nasty habit... Read More

The fate of nitrogen fixed by diazotrophs in the ocean

The fate of nitrogen fixed by diazotrophs in the ocean M. R. Mulholland Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,... Read More

Antibiotic Resistance and Gene Transfer

The way antibiotic resistance spreads and possible problems from genes transferring have been identified by researchers... Read More

UF botanists: Flowering plants evolved very quickly into 5 groups

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- University of Florida and University of Texas at Austin scientists have shed light on what Charles... Read More

Tree of life for flowering plants reveals relationships among major groups

AUSTIN, Texas-The evolutionary Tree of Life for flowering plants has been revealed using the largest collection of genomic... Read More

Plant Genes Imported From Unrelated Species More Often Than Previously Thought, Biologists Find

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Scientists have long thought gene exchange between individuals of unrelated species to be an extremely... Read More