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Translational control

translational control (Science: molecular biology) The control of protein synthesis by regulation of the translation step,... Read More


Phosphorylation Definition We can define phosphorylation as a biochemical process in which a phosphate molecule is added to... Read More


In cell biology, the nucleus is the large, membrane-bounded organelle that contains the genetic material in the form of... Read More

Smooth muscle

The smooth muscle can be described as a type of muscle in the human body that is non-striated and involuntary in action.... Read More

Effort aims to spike breast cancer with new approach

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — March 11, 2010 — Many women live with breast cancer that does not respond to standard medical... Read More

Hepatitis C virus clamps onto protein synthesis machinery

—Researchers have discovered that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) employs an unusual strategy to induce a host cell's... Read More

Cholangiocytes and blood supply

Cholangiocytes and blood supply Eugenio Gaudio1, Antonio Franchitto2, Luigi Pannarale, Guido Carpino3, Gianfranco... Read More

Scientists identify 36 genes, 100 neuropeptides in honey bee brains

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - From humans to honey bees, neuropeptides control brain activity and, hence, our behaviors. Understanding... Read More

Study Offers Clues To Brain’s Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism

Study Offers Clues To Brain's Protective Mechanisms Against Alcoholism     ... Read More