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Animal Water Regulation

Homeostatic control, a set environment, and how evolution and natural selection drives a species to adapt to its environment... Read More

Adaptation Tutorial

Previous sections have indicated the importance of homeostatic control, the requirement of a set environment and how... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

Aquaglyceroporin AQP9: Solute permeation and metabolic control of expression in liver

Physiology   Aquaglyceroporin AQP9: Solute permeation and metabolic control of expression in liver   Jennifer M.... Read More

Escape conditioning

Definition noun A form of conditioning in which the subject learns to perform a behavior that terminates an aversive... Read More

Mouse keratinocyte cultures

PRIMARY MOUSE KERATINOCYTE CULTURES Isolation of epidermal keratinocytes from neonatal mice is based on the protocol of... Read More

Sediments In Many Central Valley Streams Contain Toxic Levels Of Pyrethroid Pesticides

BERKELEY A family of pesticides used increasingly nationwide in place of more heavily restricted organophosphate... Read More

Sniffing at what the nose knows

UM researcher finds mice may swap data via smell When it comes to dating and mating, how much more can we learn from what... Read More

Does Environment Influence Genes? Researcher Gives Hard Thoughts On Soft Inheritance

August 8, 2006 — Organisms, including humans, all inherit DNA from generation to generation, what biologists call hard... Read More

DNA gene chips and novel software used to describe kidney development

The step-by-step development of a mammalian kidney, from its early beginnings in the embryo to its adult role as a vital... Read More

Mouse Study Trumpets New Way To Preserve Species

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- In a popular Dr. Seuss book, Horton the elephant is tricked into hatching a bird's egg. Now, in a... Read More


Definition noun The process of creating an exact copy of a biological unit (e.g. a DNA sequence, cell, or organism) from... Read More

Hyaline cartilage

Hyaline Cartilage Definition Firstly, let us ask, what is cartilage? Cartilage is a tough and flexible material. It can be... Read More

A Link Is Found Between Morphine Addiction And The Tendency To Explore

A team of researchers from the UAB has found experimental evidence in rats showing a link between addiction to morphine... Read More


wharf Origin: AS. Hwerf, hwearf, a returning, a change, from hweorfan to turn, turn about, go about; akin to D. Werf a... Read More

Aquaporin-11: A channel protein lacking apparent transport function expressed in brain

Aquaporin-11: A channel protein lacking apparent transport function expressed in brain Daniel A Gorelick1 ,4, Jeppe... Read More

Maternal Exercise during Pregnancy Increases BDNF Levels and Cell Numbers in the Hippocampal Formation but Not in the Cerebral Cortex of Adult Rat Offspring

Clinical evidence has shown that physical exercise during pregnancy may alter brain devel- opment and improve cognitive... Read More

Cryobiology of Rat Embryos II: A Theoretical Model for the Development of Interrupted Slow Freezing Procedures

Jun Liua, Erik J. Woodsa, Yuksel Agcaa,b, Elizabeth S. Critserc and John K. Critser,a,b a Cryobiology Research Institute,... Read More

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking: Wade Davis and the Secret of the Zombie Poison By Patrick D. Hahn Accepted on September 4, 2007 Twenty... Read More

UCSD researchers develop ‘smart petri dish’

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed what they call a "Smart Petri Dish" that... Read More

Community Patterns

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga In the previous lesson, we learned what a population is, its attributes, and processes... Read More

The Numbers Behind The Kidney

The Numbers Behind The Kidney: Mathematicians Find A Useful Niche In Biological Sciences Mathematics professor Harold... Read More

The history of biochemistry in India

UD Deshmukh, GV Phatarphekar, SP DandekarDepartment of Biochemistry, Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital,... Read More

World’s next fuel source could be designer organisms

The scientist who cracked the human genome now hopes to exploit the properties of DNA to solve the world's pending... Read More

Balantidium coli

Definition noun A parasitic ciliate belonging to the family Balantiididae, and the causative agent of the balantidiasis... Read More

The stem cells that weren’t there

Diabetes researchers, investigating how the body supplies itself with insulin, discovered to their surprise that adult stem... Read More

New Zealand’s Unique Flora

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga In the previous lesson, we've come to know some of the most fascinating endemic... Read More


Definition noun, plural: balantidiases An infection due to the presence of Balantidium coli Supplement Baantidiasis is an... Read More

New chimeric mouse model for human liver diseases, drug testing

Cells cultured in the lab are like a fish out of water. Often, their behavior does not reflect their biological function... Read More

8 plants from South Africa may hold potential for treating high blood pressure

'Wild garlic' plant shows promise WASHINGTON - Medicinal plants are an integral part of African culture, one of the oldest... Read More