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Plant sets off “SOS” for plant defense when it gets hurt

When herbivore, such as an insect, nibbles a plant leaf, the plant sets off an "SOS" or distress signal as one of the... Read More

Who Gets Expensive Cancer Drugs? A Tale of Two Nations

The well-worn notion that patients in the United States have unfettered access to the most expensive cancer drugs while... Read More

How Toxoplasma Gondii Gets Noticed

January 19, 2009 — Researchers provide insight into how Toxoplasma gondii, a common parasite of people and other animals,... Read More

Watch Your Step When The Going Gets Rough

December 2005 — Placing your foot accurately is a complicated process. If something moves where you plan to place your... Read More

When the music stops, the brain gets going

  IN STANFORD STUDY, SILENT PAUSES LEND CLUES ON MENTAL PROCESSES   While music may soothe the savage breast, the brain... Read More

Faulty DNA Replication Linked To Neurological Diseases

Lengthy sequences of DNA -- with their component triplet of nucleotides repeated hundreds, even thousands of times -- are... Read More


Pyruvate Definition Pyruvates have been often recognized as one of the most important molecules that are frequently... Read More

What Gets A Female’s Attention, At Least A Songbird’s

Male songbirds produce a subtly different tune when they are courting a female than when they are singing on their own.... Read More

UT Southwestern gets new cryo-electron microscope

University among nation’s elite in understanding human cell mechanics DALLAS – Aug. 27, 2003 – There's a powerful... Read More

World’s Only Captive Hairy-nosed Otter Gets New Home

Dara, the world's only captive hairy-nosed otter, is one of the rarest of otter species. He was recently... Read More

Mars Rover device gets new mission on Earth

Mars Rover at the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Va.   Credit:... Read More

Mitosis Gets Harder Thanks To New Gene Discovery

April 2008 -- A biological process taught to every student studying biology has just become a little more complicated... Read More

DNA Gets Kinky Easily At The Nanoscale

Scientists have answered a long-standing molecular stumper regarding DNA: How can parts of such a rigid molecule bend and... Read More

Computer game shows how brain responds to approaching threat

For the first time, a team of scientists, with the aid of a computer game, have found how the brain’s response to fear... Read More

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by J. Tisdall

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics      ... Read More

Biology may not be so complex after all, Emory physicist finds

Biophysicist identifies parameters for biochemical networks, distills system behavior into simple equivalent... Read More

Why Don’t All Moles Progress To Melanoma?

Why Don't All Moles Progress To Melanoma?   Biopsied tissue from a human mole shows... Read More

Does Environment Influence Genes? Researcher Gives Hard Thoughts On Soft Inheritance

August 8, 2006 — Organisms, including humans, all inherit DNA from generation to generation, what biologists call hard... Read More

CRISPR DIY – biohacking genes at home

Have you ever thought of changing yourself for the better -- genetically-speaking? Lately, CRISPR company has been selling a... Read More

Heat Damage To "Photosynthesis Engine" In Symbiotic Algae May Be Among Major Causes Of Coral Bleaching

ATHENS, Ga.-- Scientists worldwide have been perplexed for more than a decade by extensive bleaching in the ecologically... Read More

Natural selection

Natural Selection Definition What is natural selection in biology? Natural selection is defined as a process in nature... Read More

Mitochondrial DNA not just from moms but also from dads?

If one wants to trace down lineage, that person could turn to the cell's powerhouse, the mitochondrion. This organelle... Read More

Beekeeping for Dummies by H. Blackiston

Beekeeping for Dummies     AUTHORS:  ... Read More

Beekeeping for Dummies

Beekeeping for Dummies      AUTHOR:  ... Read More


Fragmentation Definition What is fragmentation? In general, fragmentation refers to the state or the process of breaking... Read More

Protein folding physics modeled at the atomic level

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Oct. 14, 2002 - Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of... Read More


Catabolism Definition Catabolism is the branch of the metabolic process that breaks down complex, big molecules into... Read More


Substrate Definition What is a "substrate"? The underlying substances or layers are termed as substrate. The definitions of... Read More


Angiosperms Definition What is an angiosperm? An angiosperm is a plant that produces flowers. The angiosperms, also... Read More

Phosphodiester bond

Phosphodiester Bond Definition Phosphodiester bonds are the backbone of the strands of nucleic acid present in the life... Read More

Incomplete dominance

Incomplete Dominance Definition After Gregor Mendel discovered inheritance laws, the term ''incomplete dominance'' was... Read More

Changes to embryos can elicit change in adult fish

Researchers uncover genetic foundation of fish jaws Photo of the lower jaw system of Chilotilapia rhoadesii showing how... Read More

CRISPR caused gene damage? Rise and pitfall of the gene-editor

CRISPR as a gene-editing tool made a prodigious leap forward in science. In 2015, it was heralded as Science’s 2015... Read More

Easily grossed out? You’re more likely a conservative, says Cornell psychologist

ITHACA, N.Y. – Are you someone who squirms when confronted with slime, shudders at stickiness or gets grossed out by... Read More

Researchers Discover Why Some Athletes’ Performances Fail To Improve On A Live-High, Train-Low Regimen

DALLAS - December 30, 1998 - Exercise physiology researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have learned why... Read More

How the Neuron Sprouts Its Branches

December 12, 2005 -- DURHAM, N.C. - Neurobiologists have gained new insights into how neurons control growth of the... Read More

Streams, rivers, springs and rain

New images from Saturn’s moon Titan show familiar Earth-like features including springs, rivers, streams and rainfall –... Read More

Chinese medicinal compound stops formation of cysts in polycystic kidney disease in lab

Using a compound from a centuries-old Chinese traditional medicine, Yale University researcher Dr. Craig Crews has been able... Read More

Bacteria Pack Their Own Demise

August 1, 2009 — Numerous pathogens contain an 'internal time bomb', a deadly mechanism that can be used against... Read More

Scientists complete DNA sequencing and analysis of multiple fruit fly genomes

Large-scale comparative analysis of genomes from closely-related fly species reveals important evolutionary clues; yields... Read More