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Bone Mineral Changes During and After Lactation

Abstract Objective: To investigate variations in bone mineral density during lactation and throughout the 12 months after... Read More


Lactation (Science: obstetrics) The period of the secretion of milk. Origin: L. Lactatio, from lactare = to suckle The... Read More

Oxytocin/vasopressin research sees new clinical applications, key role in social behavior

Research into the neurohypophyseal hormones best known for birth-related and renal functions point to potential clinical... Read More

Anterior pituitary

Definition noun, plural: anterior pituitaries The fleshy glandular anterior lobe of the pituitary gland that releases... Read More


Definition noun, plural: prolactins A peptide hormone secreted by lactotropic cell in the anterior pituitary of vertebrates,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: lactotrophs An acidophilic cell in the anterior pituitary that releases prolactin Supplement The... Read More


Definition noun (chemistry) Any salt or ester of lactic acid such that the acidic hydrogen of the carboxyl group has been... Read More

Montgomerys follicles

Montgomery's follicles --> areolar glands A number of small mammary glands forming small rounded projections from the... Read More


Lactosuria excretion of lactose (milk sugar) in the urine; a common finding during pregnancy and lactation, and in the... Read More

Dairy Cattle Science (4th Ed) by H. Tyler et al.

Dairy Cattle Science (4th Edition)     ... Read More


Definition noun, plural: estrogens A sex steroid hormone produced in large quantities chiefly in the ovaries in females;... Read More


Definition noun, plural: progestogens A steroid hormone that is activated by the binding to the progesterone receptor, and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: somatotrophs The hormone-secreting cell in the anterior pituitary that particularly releases... Read More


Definition noun, plural: corticototrophs The cell in the anterior pituitary that particularly releases adrenocorticotropic... Read More


Definition noun, plural: thyrotrophs The cell in the anterior pituitary that particularly releases thyroid-stimulating... Read More

Human milk oligosaccharide

Definition noun plural: human milk oligosaccharides An oligosaccharide that occurs in high concentrations and exclusively... Read More

Mammary gland

Mammary gland (Science: anatomy) milk producing gland of female mammals. An adapted sweat Gland, it is made up of milk... Read More

Fatty acid

Definition noun plural: fatty acids'' fatty acid, ˈfætɪ ˈæsɪd Any of the group of a long chain of hydrocarbon... Read More


Definition noun plural: lactoses lac·tose, ˈlæk.toʊs A disaccharide (chemical formula: C12H22O11) made up of one... Read More

Pituitary gland

Definition noun, plural: pituitary glands An endocrine gland situated off the bottom of the hypothalamus, and acts as the... Read More

Sexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction involving the fusion of haploid female gamete (egg cell) and haploid male... Read More


Definition noun, plural: progesterones A progestogen hormone, with a chemical formula of C21H30O2, naturally produced in... Read More


Definition noun, plural: colostra The first milk secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals coming into... Read More


Fecundity Definition The meaning of fecundity is the reproductive rate (fecundity rate) or the performance of an individual... Read More

Organic milk is cream of the crop

A new study by Newcastle University proves that organic farmers who let their cows graze as nature intended are producing... Read More

Snuggling Skunks: Is It Better To Brave Winter Alone Or In A Group?

A fascinating new study in the January/February 2007 issue of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology looks at the benefits... Read More

Like their pregnant mates, primate dads-to-be pack on pounds

Confirming what many have long suspected, scientists have found that male monkeys of two different species get heavier when... Read More

Key enzyme responsible for fat development discovered

A little-studied enzyme has been discovered to play a crucial role in adding fat to the body, scientists at the University... Read More

What Is The Role Of Donor Breast Milk?

What Is The Role Of Donor Breast Milk? More evidence is needed to determine whether donor breast milk is beneficial for... Read More

Completed genome set to transform the cow

     The DNA of this Hereford cow, known as Dominette, has provided the genomic... Read More