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Medical laws and ethics of Babylon as read in Hammurabi’s code (History)

Medical laws and ethics of Babylon as read in Hammurabi's code (History) Tharwat Mohammed Halwani, Mohamad Said... Read More

Scientists should adopt codes of ethics, scientist-bioethicist says

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The time is ripe for scientific organizations to adopt codes of ethics, according to a scientist... Read More


Code The genetic code is the correspondence between the triplet of bases in dna with the amino acids. The discovery of the... Read More

Molecular Code Broken For Drug Industry’s Pet Proteins

December 2007 -- All cells are surrounded by protective, fatty membranes.In the cell membrane there are thousands of... Read More

Scientists Crack 40-year-old DNA Puzzle And Point To ‘Hot Soup’ At The Origin Of Life

A new theory that explains why the language of our genes is more complex than it needs to be also suggests that the... Read More

New tool cracks genomic code quicker than ever

July 11, 2006 -- US and Australian scientists have pioneered a new hybrid method for genomic sequencing that is faster and... Read More

Strickland code

Strickland code (Science: zoology) A code of nomenclature for taxonomic classification prepared by a committee of the... Read More

Deoxyribonucleic acid

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Definition A nucleic acid refers to any of the group of complex compounds made up of linear... Read More

Genetic code

Genetic code (Science: molecular biology) relationship between the sequence of bases in nucleic acid and the order of amino... Read More


Degenerate means to become worse or less of its kind or former state. In biology, it means an entity performs the same... Read More

The evolution of molecular biology

The evolution of molecular biology   Eduard Kellenberger1   1Eduard Kellenberger is a cofounder and retired staff... Read More


In biology, translation is a step in protein biosynthesis where a genetic code from a strand of mRNA is decoded to produce a... Read More

Ribonucleic acid

Ribonucleic Acid Definition noun (uncountable), ribonucleic acids ri·bo·nu·cle·ic ac·id, raɪboʊnjuːkliːɪk... Read More

Messenger ribonucleic acid

Definition noun plural: messenger ribonucleic acids mes•sen•ger ri•bo•nu•cle•ic ac•id, ˈmɛ.sɪn.dʒəɹ... Read More

Protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is a process of creating protein molecules. In biological systems, it involves amino acid synthesis,... Read More

Researchers Barcode DNA Of Venice Museum’s Vast Fungi Collection

In the storerooms of a Venice, Italy, museum, a University of California, Berkeley, scholar and Italian experts are at work... Read More


Polymorphism Definition The occurrence of two or more different forms or morphs in the population of a species is referred... Read More


Definition noun plural: uracils u·ra·cil, ˈjʊərəsɪl (biochemistry) A pyrimidine nucleobase in RNA that... Read More

First molecular simulation of a long DNA strand shows unexpected flexibility

Unfolding the genetic code It turns out that sequencing the human genome – determining the order of DNA building blocks... Read More

Renegade RNA — Clues to cancer and normal growth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that a tiny piece of genetic code apparently goes where no bit of it has gone... Read More

UT Southwestern researchers define regions of human genes highly prone to mutation

DALLAS – July 14, 2003 – UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers have taken the first step in defining... Read More

Flash Math Creativity: Second Edition

Flash Math Creativity: Second Edition      ... Read More

Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Devise Novel, Low-Cost Method of Sifting Genome’s High-Value Regions

Cold Spring Harbor, NY - Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have developed a new means of extracting and... Read More


Definition noun plural: thymines thy·mine, ˈθaɪmɪn (biochemistry) A pyrimidine nucleobase in the DNA molecule that... Read More


Protein Definition Proteins are biomolecules comprised of amino acid residues joined together by peptide bonds.... Read More

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms     ... Read More

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms by N.C. Jones & P.A. Pevzner

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms (Computational Molecular Biology)   ... Read More

Eukaryotic cells

Eukaryotic Cells Definition What is a eukaryotic cell? The term “cell” is a common word in biology, anatomy, and... Read More

Desert Plant May Hold Key To Surviving Food Shortage

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi is a species of Kalanchoe. (Image credit : Wikipedia.org)  (Click image to... Read More

World’s next fuel source could be designer organisms

The scientist who cracked the human genome now hopes to exploit the properties of DNA to solve the world's pending... Read More


Definition noun plural: cytosines cy·to·sine, ˈsaɪtəsiːn (biochemistry) A pyrimidine nucleobase that complementary... Read More


Definition noun plural: adenines ad·e·nine, ˈædɪnɪn (biochemistry) A purine nucleobase that complementary pairs... Read More


Definition noun plural: guanines gua·nine, ˈɡwɑː.niːn (biochemistry) A purine nucleobase that complementary pairs... Read More

Nucleic acid

Definition noun plural: nucleic acid nu·cle·ic ac·id, nuˈkleɪ.ɪk ˈæsɪd Any of the group of complex compounds... Read More


Definition noun plural: nucleobases (biochemistry) The base in the nucleic acid, e.g. purines and pyrimidines Details ... Read More

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by J. Tisdall

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics      ... Read More

Transcription (biology)

In biology, transcription is the process of transcribing or making a copy of the genetic information stored in a DNA strand... Read More

New insights into protein synthesis and Hepatitis C infections

Scientists have uncovered key new information towards understanding the crucial first step in protein synthesis, the process... Read More

Study reveals surprising details of the evolution of protein translation

August 13, 2008 -- CHAMPAIGN - A new study of transfer RNA, a molecule that delivers amino acids to the protein-building... Read More